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Zest Browser Extension: The Ultimate Tool for Business Gifting

July 20, 2023
Zest Browser Extension: The Ultimate Tool for Business Gifting

Sending a gift to cold leads, hot prospects, loyal customers, brand fans, and beyond should be an exciting moment. Gifts — even in the historically stodgy corporate world — are pure good. They spark interest, stoke engagement, and celebrate moments big and small. And at Zest, we believe that when the time is right to send a gift, nothing should slow you down.

With no demo calls required, no lengthy back-and-forth conversations, no minimum orders, and no SaaS fees, we’re already innovating the B2B gifting space. And with Zest’s browser extension, you’re empowered to send the right gift to the right person at the right time in (literally) a couple clicks.

Without the hassles and hurdles of traditional B2B gifting platforms spoiling the moment, you’re free to enjoy all gifting can do. Whether you’re looking to simply spread good vibes or amplify your sales strategy to crush some quotas, the Zest browser extension is ready to lend a hand. 

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What Is a Browser Extension?

Your internet browser is what makes it possible to access any of the 1.13 billion websites in existence today. No matter your browser of choice, this powerful portal basically puts all the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Take college courses, see the world, learn a language, watch a cat video — whatever you’re hankering, you can find it on the World Wide Web.

As robust as your browser is, though, it can be leveled up even more and customized with some handy add-ons called browser extensions. Dating back to 1999, browser extensions have evolved from simple toolbars to tech that helps customize and maximize what you do with your browser.

Today, browser extensions typically fall into two categories. They either:

  1. Expand the functionality of the browser itself.
  2. Integrate an existing service with the browser.

Zest’s browser extension falls into the latter category, making it possible to squeeze even more gifting goodness out of anywhere you’re working on the internet. 

What Does Zest’s Browser Extension Do?

Currently available in the Google Chrome Web Store and as a Firefox Add-on, Zest’s free browser extension enables people to quickly shop for and send a gift from wherever they’re working on the internet.

What the heck does that mean? Picture it:

  • Sales teams can send a gift to without ever clicking away from HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Customer success squads can assuage a frustrated customer without leaving the support chat.
  • Marketing pros can gift their latest survey respondent straight from their response form. 

When you download the Zest extension, you can send a gift to anyone from pretty much any website. It's gifting untethered (and it's really cool).

Ultimately, this li’l extension smoothes away any friction between gifters and their recipients. No more navigating away from the tools you’re already using in your tech stack when you want to send a gift — just easy, peasy, 60-second gift sending.

How to Use the Zest Extension

Like we said, your browser is powerful, but the Zest extension was built for speed and ease. Making your gifting journey accessible from basically anywhere takes just a few steps. 

Step 1: Download the extension

Head to the Chrome Web Store or take a trip to Firefox’s Browser Add-ons, whichever is your browser du jour, and click “Add extension.”

Step 2: Access the extension

For the easiest access, we recommend pinning this extension to the top of your browser so it’s always a quick move of the mouse away.

You can also access the Zest extension with the keyboard shortcut OPTION + Z.

When you’re logged into your Zest account, smashing this magical duo pops open a window showing all the email addresses currently on the page so you can swiftly choose who you want to gift at that very moment.

A blue "option" key and "Z" key wiggle around next to each other against a darker blue background.

Step 3: Go with the flow

Once you select all the email addresses you want to send a gift to, click “Next” and enter the same Zest gifting flow you’d find on our website (but remember, you’re not on our website. You’re on a different website doing business, but you never even have to wander from that workspace thanks to this extension). 

When Does a B2B Gifting Browser Extension Come in Handy?

This browser extension turns beastly B2B gifting into a breeze. Its goal is to make sending gifts, rewards, and incentives a natural part of your existing workflow so you never have to sweat navigating to another screen or window and lose track of what you’re working on. When could it come in handy for you, though?

Master the art of sales gifting

This may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but we know that fine-tuning your timing for basically every part of the sales journey — first touch, follow-up, negotiations — is a fine skill honed by seasoned sales professionals. Especially in the early stages when a sale feels tenuous, every touchpoint is a critical moment with your prospect.

With this extension, you can be adding account information, moving a deal to a new stage, or following up with potentially ghosting prospects in Outreach, Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft, Pipedrive, and more when gifting is critical. When deep in your sales tools, you can send a gift in a click to:

  • show appreciation to a lead after a cold call and secure a meeting.
  • re-engage prospects after a second meeting to continue building trust.
  • make a lasting impression with new decision-makers brought into the loop.
  • stay top of mind with leads who said, “I love the product but the timing is off.”
  • celebrate a new deal the moment you receive the DocuSign.
  • show gratitude to loyal clients and customers around milestones and holidays.
  • encourage existing customers to stay with your company and boost retention.

Soothe, celebrate, and conquer customer success goals

As a customer success whiz, your goal is fostering a healthy relationship with each and every customer. A happy, thriving customer is one who’s more likely to stick around for the long haul, and that’s what helps your company scale. (Of course, you already know all this!) 

Sending a personalized gift with intention is a moment of authentic human connection, and that’s what sticks with your customers more than any gimmicks or slimy retention strategies. Imagine being able to send a gift to customers at the exact moment that:

  • a new customer completes their onboarding process.
  • a loyal client refers some new folks to your product or service.
  • you resolved a frustrating issue with a customer and you want to repair the relationship.
  • a user has crossed a new milestone or anniversary.

With Zest’s browser extension, you can check all of these giftable moments off your to-do list in just a few minutes without ever leaving Totango, Gainsight, Attio, and more.

Amplify your marketing efforts and unwrap what’s possible

Marketing is such a broad umbrella that touches nearly every part of the customer journey, but there are many instances where the savvy marketer can drill in and amplify their latest initiative with a gift, gift card, or branded T-shirt. With the Zest browser extension, marketers can tap into more opportunities to increase engagement, gather leads and testimonials, and build a brand that people love. Some reasons to gift on the fly may be when a marketer wants to:  

  • thank case study participants for their time
  • reward giveaway contestants on the fly
  • build your brand fandom by sending swag 
  • surprise and delight digital event and webinar registrants with a thank you present
  • entice people to participate in your latest survey or research with a gift card
  • incentivize people to sign up for your next event

Make Human Connection a Habit With the B2B Gifting Browser Extension by Zest

Forging sincere relationships with customers from the very first touch is the magic to growing and scaling your company today. Thriving today hinges on the experience and value you offer everyone from prospect to loyal customer. How you treat someone and the moments you maximize are what stick in the minds (and hearts, if we’re being cheesy) of the people your company interacts with. 

Gifting is one powerful lever you can pull to take any moment in the customer journey from ho-hum to “Heck yeah!” This thoughtful connection between your brand and its users provides priceless value that strengthens bonds and builds up loyalty — feats that are impossible to tackle with your features or pricing alone. 

We built this browser extension to make these moments of connection as easy as possible so that you always have the time to send the right gift to the right person and the right time. Grab the extension and explore how connecting through gifts fits into your own unique workflow.

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Liz Lorge
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