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Zest Launches Fastest Tool for Gifts, Rewards, & Incentives

June 8, 2023
Zest Launches Fastest Tool for Gifts, Rewards, & Incentives

At Zest, we live and breathe gifting.

Giving a gift is an undeniably feel-good moment for everyone involved. And when you peel back the wrapping paper of gifting’s potential, it’s also a distinctly unique tactic for your business.

It’s a tool in your box for building relationships, showing gratitude, celebrating milestones, doling out incentives, and standing out against competitors—and it’s high time that barriers like cost and complexity are busted down.

So, we grabbed our metaphorical sledgehammers, tore down the hurdles and hassles of traditional gifting, and built the app that makes it easier (and freer) than ever to send practically any gift for any goal in just a few seconds.

Ready to see more? Let’s dive in.

Surprise, Reward, or Pay People in 60 Seconds (or Less)

Zest’s swift gifting experience is built with busy people in mind. The user-friendly interface is now self-service, meaning you can get in and send a gift in just a few clicks (and zero conversations with a salesperson).

Browse hundreds of gift cards, popular products, and on-demand swag, then pick the best-fit gift for your goal and deliver it to your lucky recipient in seconds. (If you don’t see what you’re looking for, our free Gift Concierge service is ready to help.)

Plus, recipients add their own address, so you don’t have to sweat the shipping logistics.

The best part? Your budget doesn’t get blown in the process.

  • No platform fees (we mean it)
  • Pay only for gifts that are accepted
  • No minimum orders
  • Free Zest account to track orders, receipts, and more

As you can see, we hate fussy stuff and surprise costs as much as anybody. Gifting should be accessible and enjoyable, not limiting and complex.

With those ideals stamped proudly in our playbook, Zest makes the best gifting experience possible for you and your roster of recipients without all the rigamarole.

Here’s how it works:

Four easy steps to send a gift, gift card, or swag with Zest: browse the catalog, add recipients, add a logo, and share your gift link.

Plug Zest Into Every Part of Your Customer Journey

Zest’s catalog, combined with its speed and ease of use, makes it a go-to app for anyone who needs to send a gift, reward, or incentive at any stage of the customer journey.

Send a box of soft chocolate chip cookies to say, “Thanks for coming to my webinar!” Deploy branded swag to your fans on Twitter. Send some bubbly and celebrate with clients as soon as they sign the dotted.

In a nutshell, gifts create memorable touchpoints, underline loyal relationships, and everything in-between. Zest’s new experience empowers people across teams—from sales and customer success to marketing and finance—to tap into the unmatched versatility of gifting.

Here’s how people are using Zest today:

  • Catching attention and standing out during cold outreach
  • Building relationships and trust with prospects
  • Showing appreciation for employees and clients (or pretty much everybody)
  • Incentivizing user research participants
  • Launching thoughtful account-based marketing campaigns
  • Rewarding loyal customers with thoughtful gifts
  • Celebrating success milestones like onboarding completion
  • Smoothing over rough support tickets
  • Gifting influencers to raise brand awareness
  • Keeping prospects warm while building commitment
  • Surprising brand fans with swag
  • We could go on for a while, but you get the gist.

Gifting is no longer just a once-in-a-while event. With Zest, it’s an easy habit that pushes your customer experience and brand reputation to the next level.

Gifting for Anyone and Anytime (Finally)

Gifting has historically been boxed snugly into the holiday season. As soon as Christmas trees hit the curb, seemingly so did any reasons to send a gift.

Zest is shifting that tired idea and fully realizing all that modern gifting can do.

Ready to try for yourself?

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