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Zest 🤝 Zapier: Automated Touchpoint Gifting

August 10, 2023
Zest 🤝 Zapier: Automated Touchpoint Gifting

When you’re managing tens, dozens, or hundreds of clients, building and maintaining lasting relationships with each and every person can be tough. Sending thoughtful gifts is one tactic that shows care, provides value, and amplifies even the freshest of customer relationships, but after a busy day of meetings, you might not have much fuel left in your tank to log into your gifting tool and deploy all the goodies you want.

After all, your resources are tight. Be it your budget, how many hands are on deck, or the sheer amount of time and energy it takes to pick the right gift and send it at the right moment, it's easy to shift gifting to the back-burner. When it comes to gifting an unforgettable dozen of soft, buttery cookies, you need the experience to go down as smoothly as those cookies will once they get to their recipient. 

The solution to experience-boosting, easy gifting after a day of back-to-back meetings? Automation. Odds are good that most of your tedious to-dos have been automated by now — customer support chats, email marketing, social media posting, and more. So, why not bring the power of automation to your corporate gifting to ensure your contacts always know they’re appreciated, your customers are always engaged, and your brand stays top of mind?

Zest was built on the notion that giving a gift shouldn’t bog you down or bum you out. It should be easy, intentional, and joyful for givers and recipients. Simply put, Zest is the gifting platform built for modern businesses: no demo calls, no minimum gift orders, no hefty SaaS fees, and now, it comes complete with an API that’s just as free as the rest of the platform. 

Seriously, you could click away from this blog post and start gifting right now without talking to a single salesperson (though we’d love to hear how you’re gifting!).

Zest makes this easy with over 5000 integrations through Zapier. Whether you’re moving a deal in HubSpot to Closed-Won, or adding a new high priority contact in Salesforce, your use case is covered by Zest’s integration with Zapier.

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation platform that makes it wildly easy to connect almost any app with almost any other app. With more than 5,000 apps on its roster, it’s a tool that connects your entire workflow so you never have to come up with some ad hoc, time-eating system of moving information from one tool you use to another one then to another (and so on) just so you can complete a task. 

Corporate gifting is a growing industry and becoming an increasingly important part of the average workflow, especially as it becomes tougher to keep leads engaged, cut through the noise, and provide memorable experiences to loyal clients and employees alike. Zapier’s no-code app is the perfect partner for Zest’s swift gifting. Our powers combined mean you can thread thoughtful, personalized corporate gifting into your processes without adding any extra time or tedium.   

How to Automate Zest Gifting with Zapier

Tapping into this integration instantly opens up a world of gifting opportunities. So, where do you start?

Do you connect DocuSign and Zest to send a celebratory gift when a new deal is signed? Do you plug TypeForm into Zest and deploy some thank you swag when a new form is submitted? There are hundreds of connections you can make, but for now, let’s focus on our favorite: How to send prospects cookies when they move to closed-won.

Step 1. Create a cookie campaign at https://gifts.zest.co/shop

This delightfully delicious step will let you customize exactly how your gift looks and behaves. Do you want to send a dozen cookies or two? Do you want your logo printed on the card that’ll show up in their inbox? Do you want to personalize the moment and write a thoughtful note? You don’t have to add any recipients yet, just get your campaign ready to launch.

Step 2. Add the Zest Zapier app to your account here

This will give you access to Zest’s “Send Gift” action so you can plug it into all your existing automations. Are you already emailing yourself a reminder to call someone when they become a qualified lead? You can replace that step with a box full of cookies right now (seriously, you don't even have to talk to our sales team to get started).

Step 3. Plug Zest into your workflows

We send delicious gifts when we close deals, and so can you! When your deal moves to “closed-won,” trigger a baker’s dozen to your client's doorstep and make sure they know how much this means to you!

Zapier automation to send cookies when a Hubspot deal is moved to Closed Won
Just one way you can use Zapier to make gifting effortless!

Cookies aren’t enough to sweeten the deal? Zest has gift cards, branded swag, chocolates, boxes of meat, and and more- so you'll be sure to find a gift that suits your team the most. For a fully custom gift, check out our gifting concierge service.

Got the gist? Automate your gifting in just a few clicks!

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