Add The Human Touch to Your Sales Strategy

Gifting with Zest puts people first in every part of your pipeline. Send the perfect gifts at the perfect times to stand out and keep connections strong with new leads and loyal clients.


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Join the club of clever gifters at leading companies.

Plot Your Best B2B Gifting Game Plan

Aimless gifting rarely hits goals. With Zest, sales and success teams can strategically send memorable gifts, engage meaningfully, and nurture long-term relationships from first touch to post-purchase with ease.

Understand when to send gifts for max impact at every deal stage.

Make your pipeline personal with thoughtful products that stand out.

Understand the ins and outs of your gifting ROI and refine your strategy.

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First Touch

Raise Eyebrows With Intriguing Cold Emails

Standing out is one of the toughest parts of prospecting. Add enticing gift incentives to every first touch and increase email opens, drum up more demos, and provide real value from the very beginning.


Fine-tune Your Follow-up and Keep Leads Warm

Make each meeting unforgettable when you follow up with a gift. Say thanks and stay top of mind with memorable products and gift notes that leave a lasting impression.


Cultivate Deeper Ties
With Timely Gift Campaigns

Whether you want to re-engage a lead who went dark or warm up a promising new connection, a well-timed gift campaign could be the key to fruitful nurturing.


Welcome New Clients With Open Arms (and Open Gifts)

Clinching a contract is a big deal for both your team and your new customers. So, bang the gong, pop the bubbly, and surprise your new pals with personal gifts that celebrate the moment.


Put a Human Touch on 

The customer relationship doesn’t end at Closed-Won. Keep customers loyal for the long run when you trigger touching gifts for holidays, milestones, or just to say hello.

Spot patterns and understand the
impact of strategic gifting touchpoints in your sales pipeline.
Track your sales gifting campaigns, leads, budget, and beyond from one central dashboard.
Stand out to prospects with a wide variety of thoughtful goods and gift cards that add a personal touch throughout the pipeline.
Zest connects with your CRM so you can trigger gifts during key stages of your sales cycle.
Zest is backed by leading VCs and ecommerce insiders.
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Unwrap the power of 10-second gifting.

Presents should be more thoughtful than plastic cards. With Zest on your store, products can be sent, swapped, and tailored in seconds. This fast flexibility means more happy gift senders, more satisfied gift recipients, and fewer gift returns for you.

Reach new shoppers with every gift.

Gifts are the only kind of purchase with the power to expose your brand to totally new audiences. Every gift sent enables trusting brand relationships with both the gifter and the giftee, doubling your marketing opportunities.

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Many characters enjoying their pineapple gifts together

Give shoppers a gifting experience as delightful as your brand.

Make gifting an experience worth returning for. Stress-free senders and delighted recipients will seek out your products as go-to gifts, which spreads your brand and builds loyalty.