Postal Alternative

Zest vs. Postal

Searching for a Postal alternative? Learn how Zest gets rid of the guesswork and how it competes when it comes to sending gifts, rewards, and incentives.

Sales, marketing, and customer success teams at leading companies use Zest to send gifts, swag, and more in seconds.

Find Your Best Gifting Fit

Not sure if Zest or Postal is a better match for you? We did some digging to see what users of each platform have in common. Scour the lists below and see which feels like the best fit for you.

Zest Users
Start sending without a demo or talking to sales.
Send popular products, gift cards, and more to one or tons of people in 60 seconds or less.
Spend their budget on gifts and incentives (not a dime gets wasted on platform fees).
Make intentional connections with pretty much everyone from cold leads to loyal customers.
Tap into Zest’s support chat any day of the week.
Feel sad that Zest can’t make all tools in their tech stack this free and easy.
Postal Users
Love talking to sales teams and watching demos.
Don’t have an urgent need and can wait a while before they start gifting.
Have a surplus of cash to spend on platform fees.
Enjoy a a good mystery around pricing.
Pay upfront for all gifts in a campaign.
Like chat bots or waiting on hold for help when they need it.
Can’t wait to use another tool with a steep learning curve or a complicated user interface.

Ready to Give Zest a Go?

Get started today. No excessive platform fees & no CFO approval required.

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