For Customer Success

Celebrate customer milestones by sending swag kits

Smooth over a rough customer experience with something sweet

Show appreciation for a review with gift cards

Great customer success goes far deeper than a shrinking churn rate. Zest gives success teams the tools to quickly send thoughtful tokens of appreciation and celebration that boost renewals and our favorite KPI — customer love.

Keep customers happy like these world-class companies.

Key Benefits

The Best Success Stories Start With Zest

Loyalty isn’t a one-way street. Show your customers you’re just as invested in them from first use onward, and they’ll return the love tenfold. Use Zest to inspire more customer happiness in all your success strategies.

Fuel Customer Renewals

Grow renewals and shrink churn rates when you become an indispensable tool and partner in your customer’s story. Show clients you care, supplement support calls, and stay top of mind with every surprise sent with Zest.

Celebrate Milestones

Onboarding is a critical time for new customers. Use Zest to incentivize use of your product or service and coax new folks to stick around long enough to celebrate more milestones like anniversaries, big wins, and beyond.

Incentivize Feedback

When you unlock a greater understanding of your customers’ needs, wants, and pain points, you can give them all the right tools to succeed. Easily reward reviews and feedback with Zest to encourage this priceless stream of insights.

See which goods and rewards resonate with customers in your success tactics.
Track the impact your sends and campaigns have on renewal rates and churn.
Encourage customers to give feedback or leave reviews with thoughtful incentives.
Zest connects with your CRM so you can trigger nurturing gifts leading up to renewal dates.
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Customer Lifecycle

Lock In Loyalty From the Get-go

Conversion is not the end of the customer journey. Stoke usage, happiness, and loyalty long after Closed-Won with intentional rewards that make every second with your brand just that much sweeter.

Get Users Elbow-deep with Incentives

Once you’ve closed a customer, the next hurdle is helping them make your product or service a daily habit. Ensure new folks stick around by rewarding each big onboarding milestone until they’re hooked. 

Crush Churn and Raise Renewals

One of the fastest paths to customer churn is to ignore customers until it’s too late. Add thoughtful sending to your customer lifecycle to stay top of mind and show you care. 

Give Customers a Reason to Rave

Putting people first with delightful gifting experiences is a fool-proof way to turn loyal customers into your loudest fans. Use the power of swag and incentives to drive referrals, reviews, and beyond. 

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