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Zest Picks: 32 of Our Fave Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 12, 2023
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Dust off the sugar cookie crumbs and stuff away the Santa decor. The holidays are officially over, and it’s time for, well, another holiday. We know the green and red wrapping paper was just hauled off in last week’s trash pickup, but it’s already time to gift again—but this time, with a li’l bit more love.

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up, so we curated a quick list of our favorite gifts from some of our favorite brands. Scroll around Valentine’s Day classics or discover something new. Whether you’re shopping for your boo, your buds, or just yourself, our picks have something that screams love (romantic or otherwise) for everyone. 

When Is Valentine's Day?

You may be wondering how much time you have to find a gift before the cherubs fly in and start shooting their little heart-tipped arrows around. (Or maybe you’re wondering when to invite friends over for your wild pagan rager. Either way, read on.) 

💖 This year, Valentine’s Day is happening on Tuesday, February 14. 💖

Mark your calendar, or just leave this tab open for the next month and keep an eye on the big ol’ countdown timer below. Even if you’re part of the 20% of chronic procrastinators in the US, don’t worry. All of these lovely goods are instantly giftable with Zest.

32 Valentine's Day Gifts We Love

Classic Valentine's Day Gifts

These gifts are tried-and-true Valentine’s Day hits. Flowers, chocolates, candles—all the classics are right here. If you’re looking to turn up your gifting and make your sweetie swoon, one of these goods oughta fit the bill.

Pretty in Pink Roses

A bouquet of pink roses

"Creamy-white petals with 'brushed' magenta tips gently curl away from a dense, structured center, creating a pleasing yet unique blossom."

Calathea Wavestar

A green wavy-leafed plant in a white planter

"The calathea wavestar grows luscious leaves that bring the feeling of outdoors inside."

Garden Rose

Two pink roses, each in their own small clear glass cylindrical case

"A single real preserved peachy-blush Garden Rose sit on a lucite pedestal inside of a round Acrylic case for optimal display."

Enchanted Collection Truffles

A circular purple box holding 18 fun and brightly-colored chocolate truffles

"Our proprietary blend of chocolate, spices, herbs, roots and botanicals are sourced for their superior qualities."

Plantable Candle

A hand holding a match is about to light a white candle in a brown terrazzo candle holder.

"This Zero-Waste candle is hand poured, soy based, and infused with woodsy base notes of Lemon Balm to relax the mind, sweet and floral White Honey for joy, and the warmth of Coriander for peace of mind."

Valentine's Day Signature Heart

A heart-shaped box with gold foil showcases a variety of hocolate truffles and treats

"Show your Valentine the extent of your love with this one-of-a-kind assortment. Our gift box is a striking keepsake heart box hand packed with your Bissinger's favorites! A handmade selection of signature favorites including our French Cremes, Caramels, English Almond Toffee, Truffles, Bear Claws Royale, Cherry Cordials, Foil-wrapped Milk Chocolate Hearts, and Marshmallow Hearts."

Self-care Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and what better way to honor the moment than letting someone show themselves all they love they can muster. Self-care is the gift we rarely give ourselves, so why not gift someone all they need to settle in, calm down, and think about their One True Love: themselves.

Plus, these gifts aren’t just the perfect gesture for your honey-bunches. Your best friend, folks, co-workers, or anyone else you have a pretty platonic relationship with would feel very loved from one of these thoughtful prezzies.

Rose Quartz Crystal Gift Set

A pink box sits open, showing a rose quartz crystal next to a bright pink rose

"Our Crystal Gift Set features our iconic mini and a genuine rose quartz crystal both nestled in our sleek black gift box. Also known as the stone of the heart, the Pink Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It carries an energy of compassion and comfort."

Meditation Cushion

A green round plush cushion to use while meditating

"An organic heavy-weight canvas cushion with an all natural hypoallergenic fill."

Ultimate Spa Day Gift Box

A cardboard gift box sits open and shows a variety of spa accessories like bath salts, relaxing mist, clay masks, and more.

The ultimate spa day complete with aromatherapy sprays, soaking salts, and wine gummies.

Restorative Bath Kit

A white branded Esker box is opened and a hand is reaching for a white terrazzo candle inside.

"An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, the set comes with our Restorative Body Wash, Restorative Oils, and Terrazzo Candle tucked inside in a gift box featuring an original, hand-watercolored wildflower print."

Mesa Palo Santo Set

A dark green tray is holding a small piece of palo santo wood for burning.

"Mesa is a sculptural platform and tray designed for burning Palo Santo. Mesa comes with Organic Palo Santo Sticks."

Calm + Clarity Box

A box with black paper packaging holds a loofah, matched, a candle, tea, and a tea mesh strainer.

"Lift up spirits with this calming self-care collection. Filled with essentials for unwinding, the Calm + Clarity Box has everything needed for a private spa moment."

Aromatic Shower Steamer

A rectangular white shower steamer bar sits in a white marble holder

"Our all-natural shower steamer tablets are vapor and water activated, releasing refreshing essential oils and minerals into the stream. Unlike other shower steamers which are meant to be tossed on the floor to create a slippery mess, our hand-carved carrara marble holder houses the tablets in an elegant and functional base."

Gifts Everyone Loves

Send these goodies off to your SO's, your gal pals, your brosefs, your faraway fam, your desk-mate, your doorman, your dog walker—you get the gist. This list of food and drink is full of gifts that are pretty universally swooned over.

Butcher's Choice Box

A variety of meat like brats, steak, bacon, and ground beef sit on a gray slate surface.

"The Butcher’s Choice Box is Chris and James’ handpicked selection of the cuts they love to cook year round. You’ll enjoy pasture-raised essentials, plus a rotating selection of our tastiest, seasonally appropriate favorites."

Cold Brew Coffee

One hand is holding a box of cold brew coffee while another hand is pushing the spigot and pouring coffee into a glass.

Organic cold brew coffee on tap. Extra strong and surprisingly smooth; each glass equals two whole espresso shots.

Sparkler Trio (Non-alcoholic)

Three wine bottle-shaped vessels holding Lili sparking seltzers sit before a bamboo background.

"Whether you’re hosting, toasting, or just unwinding, the Sparkler Trio checks all the right boxes. Featuring bottles of our three Sparkler flavors: Golden Sparkler, Rosé Sparkler, and Ruby Sparkler."

Snack Bento Box

A gift box holding snacks like a pretzel bar, a variety of chocolates, gourmet nuts, and salted caramels.

A bento box stuffed with snacks. (And who doesn't love snacks?)

Spread Joy Box

A box with black packaging cradles a small green plants, a package of crackers, a block of cheddar cheese, a small bottle of olive oil, and a cheese spreading knife

"This gift box includes Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Crackers, EVVO, a Mini Cheese Spreader, and an Air Plant + Plant Holder. These items are from women-owned and indigenous-owned businesses, so you can spread joy and break the glass ceiling."

Vanilla Smoke Sipper (Non-alcoholic)

A dark maroon and black bottle sits on a black marbled surface beside a glass of deep maroon liquid.

"Smoky, smooth, and relaxed. This non-alcoholic sipper has a moody sweetness that promises to delight the palate. The first sip surprises, awakening the senses with the aromas of smoked tea and the richness of blueberries and vanilla."

Partners Coffee

A red bag holding Partners Coffee Brooklyn roast coffee beans.

"A perennial filter classic, we use the Brooklyn blend as our go-to coffee of the day. Brimming with flavors of creamy cocoa, sweet toffee and rich dried fruits, this offering brews beautifully on the French Press at home and is equally tasty with or without milk."

Coffee Lovers Box

A gift box with black packaging that features a chocolate bar, pour over latter, a wedge of cheese, and a coffee candle.

"The Coffee Lovers is for anyone who, well, loves coffee! Give this to the caffeine addict in your life so they can enjoy coffee in all of its amazing forms."

Gifts for Couples

Sometimes the very best gift is enjoying a moment with someone else. (We know, we know. That's some pretty mushy stuff, but it's true, right?) These gifts are great for couples to experience together, whether that's a night in with Netflix or cooking a delicious breakfast together.

Movie Night Gift Box

A movie night gift box package holding a silicon popcorn popper, a variety of popcorn seasonings, three chocolate bars, three types of popcorn seeds, and two cocktail mixers.

All the fixings for a decadent movie night (or month!). This box includes everything you need for the ultimate movie marathon (except a pal or partner, of course).

Breakfast in Bed

A gift box containing a small jug of maple syrup, two hot chocolate stir sticks, a bag of pancake mix, and a box of coffee.

This breakfast in bed is so decadent and dreamy, you won't even notice each other's morning breath. True love at its best.

Tasting Adventure

A glass a brass bar cart displaying four black ombre bottle of Kally non-alcoholic sippers with three glasses half-full of Kally.

Have an adventurous night with this non-alcoholic tasting adventure.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

While we have a hunch these are Valentine's Day gifts your boyfriend, husband, or friend who's a boy would love, we also don't doubt that they're a perfect fit for basically anybody. If you are looking for something thoughtful for whoever the "him" in your life is, though, these gifts hit a balance of thoughtfulness, masculinity, and love without going too over-the-top.

The Old Fashioned Gift Crate

A gift box containing gourmet caramel corn, candied oranges for cocktails, cocktail flavor mixes, and a silicone whiskey ice cube tray.

Complete with an extra large ice cube tray, dehydrated orange slices, and the best bitters and cocktail syrup to stir up an Old Fashioned, this crate is sure to please any guy (specifically, a guy in the Midwest).

Holiday Warmth Box

A gift box featuring a balsam and cinder-scented candle, a candle snuffer, and a jar of craft cocktail mix.

There's something a bit dark and stormy about this kit that we love. Complete with a handsome gold candle snuffer, a balsam and cinder-scented candle, and a craft cocktail kit, we picture a man in a fisherman's sweater sitting by candlelight and sipping a cocktail. How romantic.

Fiery Bromeliad

A green and bright orange bromeliad in a white planter.

Is this gorgeous plant in this section because the word “bro” is right in its name? Of course. But also, the intense orange and yellow hues make this the perfect addition to even the caviest mancave.

Men's Self-care Kit

A men's self-care gift box with knuckle balm, fresh cut pine-scented bar soap, Duke Cannon lip balm, and a bourbon-flavored chocolate bar.

This thoughtful box gives guys the gift of caring for commonly neglected parts—their lips, their skin, their sweet tooth. He'll grab for this stuff on the daily and think of you every time.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Should you forego this holiday's classic gifts like roses and chocolate, you may be on the prowl for something a little more meaningful. These gifts are perfect for your bae or for anyone simply observing Galentine's Day.

Mindfulness Gift Box

A mindfulness gift box meant to soothe your soul with a coloring book, herbal tea, colored pencils, body butter, gummy candy, and more.

Peace, quiet, mindfulness. It's a priceless gift, and now you can give it in a curated gift set. This kt includes a mindfulness coloring book, colored pencils, body butter, salt scrub—everything anyone would need to erase the stress for a moment.

California Winter Box

A cute plant-themed gift box with brass snips, seeds, and more.

"The California Winter box is filled with handpicked women-owned products. Whether you have a garden or are a plant-parent-to-be, this box is an experience when you could use a break from 'it all.'"

Rosy Outlook Beauty Box

A self-care-inspired gift box with a hair mask, a bath bomb, lip balm, himalayan salt, sheet masks, and more.

A positive mindset looks good on everyone, but it looks especially good on your girl who's been trying to endure the gloomiest season of the year. Wine gummies, hair mask, bath bomb, and lip balm—this kit is sure to set her outlook high.

Refreshing Rosé Gift Box

A rosé-themed gift box featuring a handmade bar of soap, body butter, lip balm, body spray, and a wine glass with blush pink silicone sleeve.

"Explore the gift of southern charm with this pretty pink box full of all the things that make life just a little bit brighter. From the soft, sweet fragrance of magnolias to Georgia peach scented lip balm, to refreshing rose quartz facial mist — this gift evokes springtime in the south."

Every Gift Is Sent with Love When You Send It with Zest

This sounds a bit cheesy, but the truth is that Zest was built to make online gifting a more intentional, meaningful moment. When you send any of these gifts with Zest, you're sending an extra sweet surprise someone's way.

Pick your gift, write your own heartfelt message, and send right away (or schedule for later). Your boo, bae, best bud, or work pal get a memorable unwrapping experience and the reassurance that they're wholly loved this Valentine's Day.

Deliver this happy surprise in a text, email, or DM, and never worry about having to know an address (which is especially great for sending to long-distance loves, faraway friends, or relationships that are just getting started). With gifts like these, what's not to love?

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A vintage Valentine's Day card featuring two anthropomorphic hearts lovingly looking at each other under the heading "To fall in love with Zest is awfully simple."

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