Your Brand’s Hands-free Corporate Gift Shop

Sell more corporate gifts with a branded storefront built to save your shoppers — and you — time and hassle. Give people the power to send 1 or 100s of personalized gifts in seconds without forms, sales calls, and endless back-and-forth emails getting in the way.

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These brands are growing with gifting.

“I loved waking up each morning and seeing the orders placed overnight that I didn’t have to touch. I’d wake up and see $30K in revenue made while I was sleeping.”
Amelia Heller

Amelia Heller

Corporate Sales Manager

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Bring your corporate gifting into the 21st century.

Contact forms and lengthy timelines can be a source of friction for corporate gifters on the go. Zest’s intuitive interface and forward-thinking features make B2B gifting feel as streamlined as modern DTC shopping.

Multi-ship gift ordering

Automated order processing

Digital and physical gift delivery

Online gifting

Meet your gifters where they are.

Whether they want to send gifts in minutes or carefully plot the perfect gifting plan with you personally, Zest empowers experiences to fit every gifter. Your Zest-fueled storefront handles self-service orders so your calendar is clear for all your high-touch clients.

Automate the majority of orders.

Create more time for custom projects.

Expand your reach with both experiences.


Extend your DTC experience to your B2B customers.

Third-party marketplaces and tucked-away contact forms don’t always align with your beloved DTC brand experience. With Zest, your brand comes first from storefront design to post-purchase emails for perfect B2B touchpoints.

Fully branded gift storefront

Custom domains and email address

Branded B2B customer accounts


Uncap your growth when you partner with gifting pros.

A lot of tools claim to be “all-in-one,” but when you see our inclusive tech support, access to design and marketing services, our deep gifting experience, and all the features you can dream of to let your gifting channel rip, you can rest assured we’re the real “all-in-one” deal.

All-in-one corporate gifting platform.

Design, marketing, and tech support included.

Expand your gifting team without added overhead.

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“Zest is always open, which means we never have to shut down or delay the corporate order process. Everyone loves the experience — just seeing the platform makes people convert because they have total control.”
Jillianne Estevez

Jillianne Estevez

Customer Experience Manager

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How to Zest

From bottleneck to breakneck growth in no time flat.

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Connect your store.

We'll work closely with you to connect your ecommerce site and ensure everything is shipshape for launch day.

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Create your catalog.

Outfit your gift catalog with super shareable products, convenient custom add-ons, and branded digital gift note designs.

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Open up shop.

Launch your Zest-powered storefront, conveniently open 24/7 so you never miss a corporate customer.

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Watch your gift sales soar!

Keep an eye on all things gifting from your Zest dashboard. Track sales, trends, and more in one handy place.

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Squeeze more juice outta your corporate gifting channel.

Ready to rip open the gifting floodgates? Your branded, automated, corporate gifting powerhouse is just a button-click away.

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