Celebrate customer milestones by sending them cookies

Thank supporters with branded swag and a handwritten note

Surprise sales prospects with coffee after your call

Congratulate ABM targets with some bubbly

Welcome new hires with swag kits

Send out snack boxes to virtual event attendees

Zest is the freest, fastest gifting platform for businesses.

Set up branded gifting campaigns in seconds and send to anybody anywhere via email or link — no address needed.

Feeling a little more hands-off? Set your campaign on auto-pilot with the Zest API.

A screenshot of an example gift from Pineapple Co. with the gift message "Liz, Thanks for your time. We appreciate you!"

Gift smarter (not harder) like these leading companies.

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A Connected Customer Journey

Make a Habit of Human Connection

The best relationships aren’t built overnight. Zest makes it easy to add moments of authentic connection at each step of your customer journey. Stand out, spread joy, and keep more customers around for the long run.

Stand out from first touch to closed-won.

Sweeten every deal with memorable gifts that engage leads, keep conversations moving, and celebrate new clients. Send the right gift at the right time to the right person through the whole sales cycle.

  • Trigger from CRM
  • Book more demos
  • Stay top of mind

Grow a people-first brand that continuously connects.

Craft delightful customer experiences, reward referrals, and show gratitude to your brand’s biggest fans. Amplify your marketing with gifts and rewards that grow your community and boost your brand rep.

  • Foster community
  • Incentivize engagement
  • Bolster brand CX

Human connection is your untapped happiness secret.

Unlock long-term loyalty (and sky-high renewal rates) when you celebrate onboarding milestones, soothe support callers, and provide unmatched experiences that show your customers you care.

  • Spread satisfaction
  • Incentivize loyalty
  • Reduce churn
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Zest Works Where You Do

Weave Zest into your workflow without missing a beat. Make gratification a natural part of your processes from sales to success (and everything in between) with these slick integrations.

Browser Extension

Launch Zest and start sending from where you're working without juggling yet another browser tab or window.

Sales Tools

Trigger the perfect gift for every deal phase right from your CRM or SEP.

Customer Success Tools

Send well-timed gifts that drive satisfaction and renewal.

Scheduling Tools

Deliver enticing incentives alongside calendar links for demos and more.

BYO Tools

Easily build your own slick automations and integrations with API triggers.

Steep Fees and Fussy Stuff Shouldn't Cramp Your Customer Relationships

Unlike traditional B2B gifting tools, Zest strips away the stuff that makes sending gifts, rewards, and incentives a struggle. In lieu of the platform fees and complexities, you get the simplest solution to standing out, earning trust, and fostering loyalty from the very start.

Modern Gifting
Traditional Gifting Platforms
Ease of Use
Start without talking to a salesperson
Send your first gift in under
60 seconds
$0 platform fees
No long-term contracts
Only pay for accepted gifts
Gift Catalog
Gift cards
Branded on-demand swag
No minimums & no warehousing costs
Catalog of products from
top consumer brands
Smart CRM triggers
Coming Soon
Public API
Coming Soon
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Ready to Give Zest a Go?

Get started today for free. No excessive platform fees (and no CFO approval) required.

Zest is backed by leading VCs and innovators.
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