Make Gifting Your Brand a Breeze

Give your shoppers the swiftest gifting experience in ecommerce. With Zest, shoppers can share your brand and gift your goods to anybody, anywhere with just a text or link—no guessing, just gifting.


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Giften Market
The Perfect Jean NYC
Esker Beauty
Dieux Skin
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Giften Market
Tasty Ribbon
Giften Market
The Perfect Jean NYC
Esker Beauty
Dieux Skin
Wildwood Chocolate
Giften Market
Tasty Ribbon

Take the heavy lifting out of gifting.

Rid the gifting experience of roadblocks. Flexible sending options, gift swapping, address collection, and same-day gift note delivery remove friction and deliver delight all with just the click of one zesty button.

Put a bow on your customer experience.

From your brand’s website to emails to mission and more, you’ve spent a lotta time on your CX. It's time to enhance your whole CX with a gifting journey that keeps your store top-of-mind and customers coming back.

Many characters enjoying their pineapple gifts together

Shift gifts from afterthought to acquisition channel.

Each gift sent is a shot to connect like never before. Zest’s gifting flow makes it easy for gifters and recipients to opt into your marketing for more ways to engage and nurture first-time Zesters into long-time customers.

Many characters walking into a notebook
Many characters enjoying their pineapple gifts togetherMany characters walking into a notebook

See what our customers have to say!

"Being able to add a path to gifting basically anywhere on the website, especially the checkout page, has made a huge difference. As soon as we could do that, that’s when we really started seeing results come in.”
Isabella Reyes; Marketing Director, Esker

Isabella Reyes

Marketing Director, Esker

"Zest’s customer flow gives us the opportunity to connect with customers because it’s about a specific product instead of being impersonal and generic, like a gift card."
Ovadia Labaton; Co-founder, The Perfect Jean

Ovadia Labaton

Co-founder, The Perfect Jean

You have Q's, we have A's.

Let's clear up some frequently asked questions about ecommerce gifting, Zest, and how it all helps stores like yours.

Why is ecommerce gifting good for your brand?

Your brand is hip. Your products are awesome. And with an ecommerce gifting strategy alive and kickin’ on your website, people can easily share your stuff with friends and family.

This organic brand sharing and awareness has more impact than your best marketing strategy, and a good ecommerce gifting strategy will give you a leg up on competitors who don’t offer a way for shoppers to gift. Turn your ecommerce store into a gifting destination perfect for any cause or just because.

What is an evolved gifting experience?

Finding success in ecommerce is no longer boiled down to just pricing and products. For today’s shoppers, experience is king. People are willing to spend more for better experiences like personalization and communication—and that trend extends to your gifting strategy.

An evolved gifting experience is one that’s evolved beyond impersonal gift cards. It meets the new expectations of online shoppers who are looking for ease, personalization, and authenticity in every purchase they make. People want to give and receive meaningful gifts, and a modern gifting experience makes that possible.

Why would I choose Zest instead of gift cards as my gifting strategy?

Gift cards may still have a place in your ecommerce strategy as Zest is a great complement if you offer them on your site. However, we believe online gifting can be more thoughtful and personal than an e-gift card.

Gift cards can come off as cold, and they’re a forgettable gift (which explains why billions of gift card dollars go unspent every year in the US). With Zest, you empower shoppers to give thoughtful gifts that are more meaningful and memorable to gift recipients. And because you can collect both gifter and recipient details with every Zest gift, you can keep the relationship going long after the gifting event.

Could I use Zest to send gifts to my network of brand influencers?

Influencer marketing is the hot marketing trend, and Zest makes it easy to send your products as free gifts to your network of ambassadors. The custom Gift Offer Builder and dashboard are included in every Zest plan. Just pick the product you’d like to gift, set your offer parameters, and send a unique gifting link to your influencer for fast redemption.

Customer acquisition is a pain. How can Zest help?

Zest’s gifting experience collects email addresses from both gift senders and recipients, and they can opt into your marketing within the Zest journey. In short, you could get two email addresses pushed into your marketing tools for every gift. If your gifting strategy currently doesn’t exist or is limited to gift cards, odds are good you’ll never collect the recipient’s email or have the chance to build a relationship with them.

What can you do with that coveted email addy? Add recipients to nurture sequences until they become your next best customer. Share special discounts with gifters to encourage more gifting. Show appreciation to gifters for sharing your brand! Ask for product reviews from the recipient using your goods (instead of the gifter who doesn’t have a clue). Remarket. Retarget. The options are endless with the email address.

Could Zest help with customer retention and loyalty?

Zest makes it possible for shoppers to send a gift in seconds. It’s a customer experience that’s convenient, communicative, and delightful. It’s one they’ll come back for time and time again when they’re searching for the perfect present.

I’ve worked hard on my CX. How does Zest fit in?

Your gifting experience should fit right into your customer experience. When you install Zest, you have total flexibility around where to place the “Send as a Gift” button, button styling, app colors, gift note designs, and marketing opt-in language. Zest enhances the experience you’ve created and helps your brand stand out even more.

Zest is backed by leading VCs and ecommerce insiders.
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A character picking their pineapple gift

Unwrap the power of 10-second gifting.

Presents should be more thoughtful than plastic cards. With Zest on your store, products can be sent, swapped, and tailored in seconds. This fast flexibility means more happy gift senders, more satisfied gift recipients, and fewer gift returns for you.

Reach new shoppers with every gift.

Gifts are the only kind of purchase with the power to expose your brand to totally new audiences. Every gift sent enables trusting brand relationships with both the gifter and the giftee, doubling your marketing opportunities.

Many characters walking into a notebook
Many characters enjoying their pineapple gifts together

Give shoppers a gifting experience as delightful as your brand.

Make gifting an experience worth returning for. Stress-free senders and delighted recipients will seek out your products as go-to gifts, which spreads your brand and builds loyalty.