Your Brand’s Hands-free Corporate Gift Shop

Sell more corporate gifts with a branded storefront built to save your shoppers — and you — time and hassle. Give people the power to send 1 or 100s of personalized gifts in seconds without forms, sales calls, and endless back-and-forth emails getting in the way.

Corporate gifting site

These brands are growing with gifting.

Team Up with Zest

B2B Gifts with a D2C Experience

Buying a business gift should be as smooth and stress-free as shopping yourself.
With Zest, your corporate gift experience is as self-service, user-friendly, and on-brand as your D2C store.

Connect Zest to Your Store

A member of our squad will work with you one-on-one to integrate Zest with your ecommerce store. Rest assured your product’s images, descriptions, and inventory are all in perfect harmony from your home page to your gift shop.

Person connecting Shopify to Zest
Person curating a gift catalog

Create Your Perfect Corporate Gift Catalog

Whether you want to offer every single SKU or a specially curated collection to your corporate customers, Zest makes it easy to adjust and update your catalog of corporate gifts in just a couple clicks.

Make Gifting Swift for Busy Shoppers

Be the go-to brand for every corporate gifter with modern features like easy shopping, instant e-gifting, and recipient address collection. Put the power to order the perfect gifts right at every shopper’s fingertips.

Gift recipient upload form
Person looking at gifting reports

Track Everything in One Place

Say “BYE!” to ad hoc spreadsheets and disjointed data. Your Zest account keeps track of all your gift orders, shipping statuses, and beyond so you never have to guess how business gifting impacts your bottom line.

Grow Your Gift Sales,
Not Your Overhead

Corporate gifting is a $240 billion global industry, and it’s time to scale your share. Opening your own storefront built just for business gifting not only gives your brand a leg up on competition, but it gives your customers a friction-free path to buying tons of gifts without adding any extra work to your plate.

Grow your corporate gifting channel without tacking on any more tedious back-and-forth, logistical headaches, or team headcount.

Increase your average gift order with a user-friendly storefront, thoughtful personalization, and flexible gift delivery options.

Own relationships with gifters and recipients to keep corporate customers loyal and win over new audiences.

Clear Your Cal for More Custom Orders

Goodbye, bottlenecks! When you offload the tedium of every $2K gift order to Zest, your calendar is cleared for tackling even more big-ticket $20K orders. With a simple and sweet 60-second gift experience capturing every on-demand gift right on your site, you’ll never have to turn down another uber-custom, high-ROI corporate order again.

Drive Demand

Get in Front of Eager Gifters When You Join Zest

Join the ranks of the internet's most giftable brands with Zest. This go-to hub for B2B gifters is just another way to put your products squarely in the path of people who want to buy a ton of them.

Clif Family Winery gift box
Brightland gift set
Unboxme gift box
Milk Bar cake and truffles
David's Cookies gift box
Bokksu box with Japanese snakcs
Partners coffee bag on a stack of books
Porter Road gift box
Zest is backed by leading VCs and innovators.
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