Meet Zest 👋

We're the folks who live and breathe gifting 24/7. That may seem like a bit much, but what’s not to love? See how we’re rethinking gifting for brands, gift-givers, and their happy recipients.


Our Values

We practice adaptive tenacity.

We map out ambitious destinations but stay ready to swerve. In our commitment to dreaming big, we bend, sway, and reroute in lieu of staying rigid and snapping. When plans pan out differently than designed, we take a beat and remember that progress isn’t always straight ahead, but it is always moving forward.

We are compassionately curious.

Every project starts by stepping into the shoes of the people it impacts. We ask questions, stay curious, poke, prod, and take a peek from every angle. We set aside our assumptions and pay close attention. Perfecting joyful moments isn’t possible without staying curious.

We find humility in the hard stuff. 

We know that pure delight is serious business. But while we’re busy building our big ideas, we always set aside time to reconnect and ground ourselves. We share our perfect outcomes alongside our pitfalls. Despite working at a tech company, we realize we’re not actually robots—we’re all humans trying our best.

We leave our lines open.

We foster a workspace that’s safe for every idea to come out into the open. From sound strategies to unhinged suggestions, we leave behind harsh criticisms in favor of supportive feedback, honesty, and opining. Within every collab and critique hides an opportunity to turn good thoughts into great ones, and we work together to uncover it. 

We balance impact and speed.

We’re taking big strides in our journey, but we always stay mindful of the ripples each move makes. We suss out the influence our decisions have before sinking our teeth in too deeply. When end results mean no going back, we tread with full care and intention before hitting send. When our experiments can be optimized to infinity with ease, we push forward at full tilt. 

Why work at Zest?

Giving gifts, getting gifts, creating gifts people love—gifting is all good. So we made sure those same good vibes are wrapped up in how we work.
Join us
Work wherever you are.
Wherever you can prop up your laptop—home office, tufted sofa, third-row seat in a rusty station wagon—you can work. While Zest’s HQ is in New York, we’re a remote-first team.
See your handiwork in action.
If your dream gig is “Paper-pusher,” you might be lookin’ in the wrong place. Everyone at Zest creates meaningful impact on the product, people, and gifting as we know it.
Take care of your whole self.
It’s hard to do great work if your teeth are crumbling or your glasses are unfocused. Vision, medical, and dental are all available to you because your whole self should be supported.
Team with caring folks.
This could sound biased, but we’re a pretty nice bunch of people. We're all in on your work self almost as much as your outside-of-work self, so come prepared with pet pics or good stories.
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Zest is backed by leading investors and innovators.
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