Innovative Gifting for Trailblazing Food Brands

You’re no stranger to pushing boundaries in the specialty foods biz. With Zest on your site, you can extend your same mind-blowing brand experience to ecommerce gifters hungry to send your snacks to one or tons of people.

Specialty foods

These brands are growing with gifting.

“Group gift orders were a 10- to 15-step process that needed 
a lot of handholding. Because everything had to be done manually, 
the team was spending a ton of time on each order instead of 
outreach or re-engaging customers. It was a very tricky process, 
and then we met Zest.”
Amelia Heller

Amelia Heller

Corporate Sales Manager

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Break bread at lightning speed.

Zest’s first-of-its-kind multi-ship checkout makes it possible for people to shop, personalize, and send your specialty foods to hundreds of people in minutes (all without adding an ounce of manual tasks to your plate).

Bulk recipient information uploader

Automatic address validation

Flexible gifting via email, link, or snail mail

Customer service

Make like yeast and rise to any custom gift request.

Picky gifters might not want what’s ready to ship, but don’t sweat! With Zest, you can satisfy any craving in just a few clicks. Set up private corporate gifting storefronts stocked with customized products, pricing and more.

Create a catalog of custom goods unique to each client.

Set unique pricing, volume discounts, order limits, and more.

Frictionless reordering for frequent gifters.

The secret ingredient is your
gifting experience.

You’ve fine-tuned the recipe for a delectable customer experience that makes people hungry for more. Zest’s innovative brand-first approach is ready to ensure your experience extends from DTC site through your gifting storefronts and beyond.

Setting up customizations and settings
Private B2B Storefronts

Set up private gifting storefronts 
for VIP B2B clients.

Create custom gift shops for any clients who need something a little off-the-shelf. (It’s like bottle service but for B2B gifting.)

Customer easily uploading assets
Gift Order Customizations

Let gifters customize gift orders in seconds with Add-ons.

Automate gift customizations with Add-ons. Easily sell more merch, gift wrap, or anything that can don a clients’ logo without any manual back-and-forth.

Swooping background

Squeeze more juice outta your corporate gifting channel.

Ready to rip open the gifting floodgates? Your branded, automated, corporate gifting powerhouse is just a button-click away.

Zest is backed by leading investors and innovators.
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