Customized Corporate Gifts Without the Chitchat

Customized gifts don’t need all hands on deck. With Zest Add-ons in your gifting flow, your shoppers can tack on gift wrap, greeting cards, branded stickers, and more to create the perfect present all without plugging up your inbox.

Customer easily uploading assets

These brands are growing with gifting.

“A first-time customer can place a huge order on their own time, upload their own spreadsheets, and track all their gifts without needing to talk to me. It’s an experience our customers love.”
Grayson Hogard

Grayson Hogard


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Put a bow on corporate gifting with branded touches.

With Add-ons in your gifting experience, corporate shoppers can customize their gift in seconds. Offer branded stickers, ribbons, bows, tags, notes, and beyond to elevate any gift from meh to magical.

Easy logo uploader for eligible products

Increased average gift order value

Automated customization processing

Online gifting

Grow your brand’s fandom with memorable merch.

Add-ons is the perfect way to offer quirky merch and fun upsells that make gifting moments even more delightful. Toss in tote bags, dad hats, and other funky stuff that would make any gift recipient smile.

Increase opportunities to upsell.

Spotlight smaller or seasonal items from your store.

Stoke instant brand affinity with new recipients.

Shopping for merch

This Is What Dream Gifts Are Made Of

Custom corporate gifting has been too time-consuming for too long. Combine your products with the power of streamlined customization and help corporate gifters achieve their dreams of sending the most thoughtful gifts on earth (all while hitting yours of growing with gifting).

Setting up customizations and settings
Private B2B Storefronts

Set up private gifting storefronts 
for VIP B2B clients.

Create custom gift shops for clients who need something a little off-the-shelf. (It’s like bottle service but for B2B gifting.)

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Optimized Multi-ship Checkout

Be the go-to gift brand with the best checkout experience.

Shoppers flee at the first whiff of friction. Offer folks the best checkout experience built for sending gifts to one or tons of addresses.

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Squeeze more juice outta your corporate gifting channel.

Ready to rip open the gifting floodgates? Your branded, automated, corporate gifting powerhouse is just a button-click away.

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