Open Private Storefronts for B2B Gifters in Minutes

When a B2B client comes to you with a wildly unique request, Zest’s Custom Storefronts tool is your answer. Outfit each private storefront with special products, pricing, and more for a one-of-a-kind corporate gifting experience.

Setting up customizations and settings

These brands are growing with gifting.

“I love Custom Storefronts. We get a lot of custom gift order requests, and thanks to Zest, I can build a private gift shop for these clients in minutes and make the experience really special. I can say, ‘I made this custom store just for you!’ and the people love it.”
Jillianne Estevez

Jillianne Estevez

Customer Experience Manager

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Make them feel like the only client in the world.

It takes minutes to create a Custom Storefront and leave an impression that lasts for the long haul. Roll out the total VIP B2B treatment in record time when you make clients a store complete with special pricing, presents, branding, and beyond. 

Create a catalog of custom goods unique to each client.

Set unique pricing, order limits, and more.

Complete the customer experience with branded touches.

Accurately targeting customers

Serial gifters rejoice with streamlined reordering.

With a private Custom Storefront, your repeat B2B clients can get in and gift their custom products anytime. Gone are the days of tracking down single gift order requests tacked onto lengthy email threads.

24/7 access to special products

Frictionless reordering

Perfect fit for frequent gifters


Give your clients the keys to their own custom gift shop.

Custom Storefronts give your corporate clients free rein of their gifting destiny. With unfettered access to reorder their custom requests at a moment’s notice, B2B gifters skip the friction of traditional corporate gifting and will return to gift again and again.

Customer happily checking out
Optimized Multi-ship checkout

Be the go-to gift brand with the best checkout experience.

Shoppers flee at the first whiff of friction. Offer folks the best checkout experience built for sending gifts to one or tons of addresses.

Customer easily uploading assets
Gift Order Customizations

Let gifters customize gift orders in seconds with Add-ons.

Automate gift customizations with Add-ons. Easily sell more merch, gift wrap, or anything that can don a client's logo without any manual back-and-forth.

Swooping background

Squeeze more juice outta your corporate gifting channel.

Ready to rip open the gifting floodgates? Your branded, automated, corporate gifting powerhouse is just a button-click away.

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