How to Modernize Your Employee Experience (EX) with Gifts

November 27, 2023
How to Modernize Your Employee Experience (EX) with Gifts

As your business grows and you start bringing on extra hands to help you scale, there’s one buzzword lately that predicts whether your new teammates will stay on or jump ship: employee experience (EX). 

The employee experience isn’t a novel idea, but what makes up a good EX today looks quite different than just a few short years ago. If your company is still counting on flashy add-ons like ping pong tables or coolers stocked with La Croix, you might wanna sit down and see how a modern employee views a worthwhile experience. 

Sure, a 401(k) is great to offer your crew, but in today’s corporate arena, that’s just the basics. Bare minimums like a 401(k) and health insurance are a lot like bike tires. What? Let us explain.

If you’re selling bikes, it’s understood that it’ll come with a couple of bike tires. If your bikes don’t come with tires, no one will buy them. If they do come with tires, well, that’s nothing special. Back in Corporate America, if your company doesn’t offer barebones benefits, good luck finding people to apply. And if your company does offer these things, that’s just not enough to constitute a truly special or desired experience. 

And if employees aren’t pleased with their working experience? Welp, they’ll leave. Quiet quitting is on the rise, national quit-rates are booming, and where employee engagement used to live lies active employee disengagement. In a nutshell, if your company isn’t giving people a great experience, they’ll simply coast until they find a company that will. 

If you want to dodge a disgruntled employee situation and start building your reputation as one the Best Places to Work on the Planet, check out this video all about crafting a top-notch EX and why it matters today more than ever.

Liz Lorge
Liz Lorge
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