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The Big DTC Holiday Gift Guide: Zest 2022

October 14, 2022
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A Few of Our Favorite Things from Our Favorite Brands

The giftingest time of year is upon us, so here’s a list that’s merry and bright and full of delight. Don’t rely on your late-night Insta scrolling to see which trendy brands you should buy from this year. Whether you’re starting to shop for your mom, pop, pup, or pal, this gift guide has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Do some serious digital perusing with some of our favorite direct-to-consumer brands. From plant babies to fur babies and beyond, these DTC shops keep our world as interesting and expressive as the folks who shop them (you).

Read on and discover hidden gems, new favorites, and goods you’ll actually be excited to give this year (or stick a li’l something in the cart for yourself—we don’t judge).

Psst! Keep your eyes peeled for the Zest "Send as a Gift" button—those products are instantly giftable with the click of a button, which is a gift in itself for those of us who may procrastinate with presents.

Start Shopping


While we’re healthily skeptical of robots here at Zest, these tech goodies are ones that actually enhance our everyday lives (and probably won’t take over the world in a robotic apocalypse).


Sticker 2-Pack + Premium Subscription $54.99

The Tile Sticker is a genuine blessing on this earth. These sleek black trackers have about a one-inch diameter and can adhere to practically anything that’s commonly misplaced or left behind—remotes, glasses, and more. Make sure to pair these powerful Stickers with the Tile Premium plan that offers a warranty, free battery replacements, and Smart Alert if you leave something behind. Plus, the package deal saves you a whopping $30 so you have more money to spread around this season.

A Tile Sticker on a remote control.


Iris Rev. 6 Keyboard $84

What is this oddly specific piece of tech, you ask? In layman’s terms, it’s a kickass computer keyboard. If you have a Keyboard Person in your life, they’ll love this gadget (dubbed The Ultimate Custom Split) because it’s:

  • Hot swappable
  • Customizable
  • Ergonomic
  • Fun for the eyeballs

A keyless Iris Rev. 6 keyboard glows on a tabletop.


Polaroid Go Creative Set $140

You may be asking,Polaroid? In this century?!” And the answer is a big honkin’ “Heck yeah!” The company has seen a resurgence since its peak in the late 1900s. Despite the 2008 announcement that the product would stop being made, a group called The Impossible Project took the Polaroid baton and have been making instant film magic ever since.

The Polaroid Go Creative Set is perfect for fitting heaps of creative opportunity right in your fanny pack. Swap out the colored filters to see your surroundings in a whole new light—literally.

A Polaroid Go Creative Set showing the camera, a box of film, and lens color filter caps in red, blue, and yellow.


Loftie Clock $149

Calling this gizmo a clock is a bit of a misnomer. This “Smart Sleep Assistant” is stocked with sounds like white noise or rainfall to lull you to sleep, meditation sessions, a two-phase alarm, bedtime playlists, a soft night light, and, well, the time. It’s an alarm clock your recipient will enjoy using, which sounds kinda weird. But once you see it, you’ll understand. As Wirecutter’s 2022 top pick for alarm clocks, they say it’s “been refined to reinforce a state of calm,” and isn’t that what we all need more of for a better night’s sleep?

The Loftie digital alarm clock sits on a white surface.


Crayola Make Your Mark Bold + MagSafe Case $50

Phone cases are supposed to be mostly functional and pretty forgettable—unless you grab a Casely case. This Crayola collab means this phone case is a bright and fun accessory, but its Bold status means it’s super protective as well.

Along with raised lips to protect your camera lenses and grippy treads on each side, the built-in MagSafe magnet means it's also fit for all your easy peasy wireless charging devices. And if you like giving sustainable products from a pretty philanthropic brand, Casely is your answer.  

A colorful Crayola-themed phone case near some kids safety scissors, construction paper, and more brightly colored backdrops.


Wide 18mm Phone Lens $100

In 1999, the first-ever commercial camera phone was debuted, touting a 110,000-pixel front-facing camera and the ability to store up to 20 JPEGs that could only be transmitted when connected to a computer. By comparison, the latest iPhone’s front-facing camera snaps pics at 12 megapixels (or 12,000,000 pixels).

Moment takes the evolution in smartphone photos to the next level. With a variety of snap-on lenses to get up close or pan out to the bigger picture, Moment can help anyone with a phone take the finest photos of their lives. This wide lens is made with cinema-quality glass that captures twice as much without a hint of fisheye distortion. Go ahead and give the gift of capturing any moment with the best lens out there.

A small wide-photo lens is mounted on an iPhone's camera.

She’s Birdie

Original Birdie $30

The Original Birdie is the ultimate companion for anyone who wants to carry a non-violent personal safety device with a heaping side of peace of mind. This pricelessly helpful piece of tech is easy to carry and use—pulling the top activates a super loud alarm and flashing light to deter any trouble afoot.

Unlike pepper spray or brass knuckles, this self-defense device can travel wherever its person goes and won’t be snagged by the TSA en route. She’s Birdie is for women, by women, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t be the perfect gift for anyone who could use a touch of security in the palm of their hand.


A black Birdie handheld alarm next to a brass keyring.


Give your friends and family an absolute look this year with some fresh, new wardrobe additions. Fun shorts? Hand-painted hoodies? We gotchu.


Flannel Martino Shirt $89

Fall is here. Do you know where your flannel is? Welp, wonder no more. With the temps dropping, it’s time to outfit yourself and your pals with this 100% brushed cotton flannel shirt. The rust and black check is the perfect mix of casual and classy—great for donning to Christmas dinner and for promptly falling into a sugar cookie coma right after. And since this super soft puppy is made by UNTUCKit, no one ever has to sweat the struggle of continuously tucking in their shirttails as this flannel is designed to look its best untucked at all times.

A man stands in front of his vintage BMW motorcycle and holds his helmet in his left hand while wearing a dark brown and tan checkered flannel shirt.

Jon-Marc Art

Martini Flamingo Swim Trunks $75

Jon-Marc is an artist who isn’t just great at art, but he also has an eye for the most pleasing swim trunks of all time. These pistachio-colored swim trunks are made of fast-dry fabric and feature a drawstring waistband, but none of that is as important as the martini-wielding flamingo hanging out on the left leg. Heads up—they err on the short side, but that fact also pairs well with the inherently vintage vibes of these trunks.

Seafoam green swim trunks with a white string and a pink flamingo holding a martini printed on the left leg.

The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jean Slim Fit Knight $80

Slip outta your sweatpants and pop on the most comfortable jeans to ever grace your gams. The Perfect Jean has perfected pants that flex and move with your lunging, lounging, and more all without stretching out or crushing stuff within. While The Perfect Jean comes in a variety of washes, cuts, and colors, each pair is crafted from stretchy, soft fabric for max comfort.

Can your loved ones squat this deep in their jeans? Do them a favor and gift them some jeans of their dreams this year.

A guy wearing a white tee and blue jeans squats deeply to showcase how stretchy the pants are.

Wren + Glory

WG X MTV Fries With That Hoodie $250

This hand-painted hoodie fresh from a New York City studio is as much a sweatshirt as it is art. Complete with all the usual hoodie components—kangaroo pouch, stretchy hoodie, fuzzy inside—this one also comes complete with the official MTV hamburger logo painted across the back and the accompanying MTV fries logo on the front left chest.

It’s a gift that keeps people warm and cool every time they slip it on.

A man dramatically poses against a wall and looks over his right shoulder. He's wearing a black sweatshirt with the vintage MTV hamburger logo painted on the back.

Ranch Road Boots

Presidio Short Black Boots $548

Have you ever seen a more badass duo of cowboy kicks? We reckon you haven’t, which is why this pair of boots made it to the gift guide. Ranch Road Boots has an amazing variety of high-quality boots, but this pair has a classic and edgy aesthetic we can’t shake.

The Presidio Short classic booties are handmade in Spain with traditional western lasts. Vegetable-tanned Spanish leather forms the exterior while the interior is lined with butter-soft leather. Cork-filled footbeds conform to the wearer for the ultimately unique fit. And if you don’t know the recipient’s shoe size? No sweat. Send with Zest and your recipient can add the details themselves.

A black leather cowboy boot with many gold star cutouts.


Jewelry is a staple in gifting, and Zest is stoked to work with amazing artists and designers creating some instant classics and family heirlooms.

Gwen Beloti

Love Is Love Gold Pendant Necklace $325

Gwen Beloti’s love for fashion served as the starting point for her namesake brand, and since 2019, it's been her mission to offer accessible yet luxurious statement pieces. Each golden accessory is thoughtfully designed to punch up any outfit, so they’re crafted with the intention of being a favorite everyday-wear piece.

The Love Is Love pendant features a handmade design and is gold-filled, so any giftee can wear with confidence and, well, love.

A small, round gold pendant on a gold chain that has "Love" inscribe twice on it.

Julie Vos

Monaco Statement Ring $165

The Monaco Statement Ring is exactly that—a big, beautiful statement for any lucky recipient. The 24K gold-plated band is tough to ignore with its four freshwater pearl cabochons dotted between for marquise gemstones. Choose between five gemstone varieties (or gift more than one ring for the ultimate variety). Each ring also comes handsomely packaged in a classy Julie Vos box and silk drawstring satchel.

A ring that's a large gold band with several white gems on it.

Alexis Bittar

Punk Royale Stud Earring $145

Straight from the holiday collection, these crimson studs scream “holidays!” in the classiest way possible. This sparkling set features “deep pink tourmaline hydro quartz doublet centers surrounded by rich, sculptural ruthenium metalwork with hand-set crystals,” which is all pretty tough to say when you’re rendered speechless as you stare at them. This is one accessory that adds glam, and we can’t help but imagine the gems catching the light as your giftee reaches over the lit pillar candles to refill their cup from the crystal punch bowl.

A pair of earrings with large crimson red gems in the center of each, surrounded by an oval of 10 bright white gems.

Kitchen + Home Goods

Treat the people on your holiday shopping lists to the goods they never knew they needed. Plus, every time they pick up a knife for chopping or sip their ice cold vodka soda, they’ll think of you. Isn’t that nice?


Stainless Steel Martini Glass Set $36

Snowfox founder Cici Perrier staunchly believes that you should be able to sip a frosty vodka soda from an insulated steel glass that isn’t bulky and hideous. And you know what? We totally agree. Snowfox has made insulated stainless steel glasses for just about any kind of beverage that actually feel elegant and look great.

This martini glass set is no exception. Despite being made from insulated steel (that you don’t need to stuff in the freezer, by the way), they have a super thin rim and elegant shape that holds any 8 ounces of a favorite cocktail. Pair it with the Snowfox cocktail shaker, and your recipient is set to have a great time.

Two black, metal insulated cups shaped like martini glasses.

Virginia Boys Kitchens

Walnut Wood Cheese Board $60

It’s a plain and simple fact that folks love charcuterie—especially around the holidays. Prepare your friends or family to serve the pinnacle of snack platters with this small 10.5-inch cheeseboard that’s also great for cutting and chopping. Each board is made from sustainably sourced American black walnut and comes pre-seasoned with coconut oil, so it’s ready to go right from the box.

A round cutting board made out of a deep black walnut.

Simple Modern

Provision Food Jar 16 oz. $18

Few things are as daring as tossing a jar of soup, broth, or smoothie into a bag and hoping for the best when you reach your destination. The Simple Modern Provision Food Jar brings peace of mind to transporting more fluid snacks in the most chic container possible. Of course this puppy can also pack solids, but it really shines when it comes to sloshy wet stuff like stews, sauces, and more.

The lid features a sturdy, integrated carry handle, is double-wall insulated, and seals tightly to prevent spills. The wide-mouth jar itself is also insulated so it won’t sweat on or sizzle up the stuff it touches when it rolls around a backpack or briefcase.

A water bottle with a large black handle and a vessel made to look like white marble with gray veining.

Milk Street

Milk Street Kitchin-to Knife $100

A high-quality kitchen knife is something everyone knows they need, yet few people invest in one. Take the load off of someone on your list this year and give them a gift that’ll last them a lifetime of chopping, slicing, dicing, and beyond.

This number here is a cross between a Japanese vegetable knife and a Chinese cleaver but is fit to replace any dull, cheap chef’s knife. It features a 7-inch blade that’s sharpened to 15 degrees per side. The German steel is known to hold its edge ‘til the cows come home, which is great since this knife is apt for scraping cutting boards and carrying all the chopped goods to the pot or pan.

A snub-nosed chef's knife sits next to some chopped red cabbage.

Beauty + Makeup

If there’s something Gen Z has been trailblazing, it’s ending the stigma around beauty products and giving them as gifts. The right combo of cleansers, creams, and at-home spa experiences help people feel good, and isn’t that what gifting is all about?

Esker Beauty

Aromatic Shower Steamer Set $65

Give the gift of a spa day without ever having to leave home. This shower steamer set is perfect for anyone looking to rinse away the day with an aromatherapy experience. The attractive hand-carved carrara marble base perfectly cradles the all-natural steamer shower tablets. As soon as the water hits, relaxing essential oils and minerals flood the senses and whisk away stress.

Each set comes with one Calendula Palo Santo and one Eucalyptus Lavender tablet, each good for up to three steamy, soothing showers.

A shower steamer brick sits in a small holder made of marble in front of a white Esker box.


Lash Out! Mascara and Lash Serum Duo $75

Makeup is a portal to expressing yourself, but a lot of the time, the stuff in the makeup isn’t so great for us. twenty/twenty products, on the other hand, were designed by a board-certified ophthalmologist so that people never have to pick between looking their best and having healthy eyeballs.

The Lash Out! Duo is free of all the bad stuff like glitter, loose mica, fragrance, prostaglandins, and more. Instead, it’s a pair that promotes longer, stronger, healthier-looking lashes for even the most sensitive of eyes.

A mascara wand sits next to the tube of mascara and a tube of lash serum.


Sweet Rescue Bubble Burst Serum $38

Just a few drops of the Sweet Rescue Serum each day is enough to calm, balance, and moisturize skin. It’s a little bit of magic and a lot of fun to apply as bubbles burst and hydration sets in. Knours is also committed to upholding the highest standards of clean by using only EWG green-grade ingredients. The key ingredients in this bottle include rose water, gromwell root oil, and triple hyaluronic acids to name a few.

And while your giftee’s skin feels good, you can feel good supporting a brand that never tests on animals and empowers all people to know their products, know their body, and know their skin.

Someone squeezes a dropper full of Knots bubble burst serum back into the bottle.

Dieux Skin

Forever Eye Mask $25

These eye masks sell like hot cakes, so if you have a shot to snag some before the holidays, do so! If you have people in your life who enjoy pampering themselves and saving a small part of the planet, the Forever Eye Mask by Dieux is the gift for you.

These thin, lightweight, reusable eye patches gently hold gels, serums, and creams close to the skin. Plus, they’ve been found to last for many uses well past 1 year, which means no one has to feel bad tossing yet another disposable sheet mask into the bin.

Two green reusable Dieux eye masks lay in front of ether metal container stamped with Dieux's logo.


Daily Ritual Set | Oral Care Kit $35

Is oral care a great gift? Heck yes it is—especially when it’s good-looking, sustainable, and genuinely useful every day. OJOOK’s mission is to “extend the life of our bodies and planet by transforming quotidian tasks into sacred rituals,” and with oral health so closely linked to brain health, we’re happy someone is helping us out.

This Oral Care Kit comes with a container of silk floss, toothpaste, a key for squeezing the most out of every metal toothpaste tube, and one bamboo toothbrush to boot. Gifting the kit saves buyers $1, but it also brings immense satisfaction from helping out your loved ones with an oral care kit worthy of being displayed on the bathroom counter.  

OJOOK's bamboo toothbrush sits in a cup next to OJOOK floss and a metal tube of toothpaste


Brighten + Hydrate Deluxe Bundle $121

MATTER OF FACT creates products for empowering skincare journeys. These innovative formulas are ideal for dull skin, skin discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dryness, and antioxidant defense. And whomst among us doesn’t want to combat the old crow’s feet?

This deluxe bundle ensures whoever gets it is getting the best of both worlds with minimum effort. Skincare is awesome and thoughtful unless it takes 45 minutes to complete after an exhausting day. Give the gift of glowing skin (in a non-radioactive way).

A light blue bottle of Matter of Fact serum sits next to a white bottle of hydrating cream.


The Paint Box $98

Nail polish has been a staple of expression for decades (maybe even centuries). Paintbox has breathed new life into painting nails, and this iconic set is no exception. The Paint Box was made to “elevate at-home manicures” and is pretty much guaranteed to make any nail-loving enthusiast giddy.

The luxe keepsake box is stocked with an embroidered cotton towel, a Power Couple (two complementary polish colors), the shiny/matte top coat duo, a dual-grit nail file, a linework striper brush, a tapered-edge cleanup brush, and a double-ended dotting tool. This gift empowers more than great nails—it encourages creativity and helps anyone feel good about themselves, self-care, and self-expression.

A bright lime green The Paint Box gift box sits open, showcasing four bottles of nail polish, a nail file, and three more manicure tools.


People don’t have to be Mr. Universe to appreciate a health product that’ll calm their minds, lift their spirits, and help them feel good throughout the day. Share some of these tried-and-true trendy favorites.


Watermelon Glow Super-Ade $32

A fit gift for anyone who wants to add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to their health routine, Golde’s Watermelon Glow should be a top contender. This 30-serving pouch empowers busy people to “sip” their beauty routine with each glass. Comprised of vegan hyaluronic acid, alma berry, coconut water, and watermelon juice, this “superfood solution” is made for hydrating skin ‘til it glows (probably literally).

A bag and a box of Golde;s Watermelon Glow supplement sit next to a pre-made glass of pink juice.


The Starter Kit $79

SuperLattes may sound like your favorite li’l morning caffeine boost draped in a cape, but the reality is so much better. Clevr is a “mission-driven wellness company making plant-powered magic in coastal California,” which means that these SuperLattes are seriously good for you.

The Starter Kit is great for people who want to get into the super routine but aren’t sure where to start, and it includes two SuperLatte flavors (for up to 28 lattes), a rechargeable frother, and a scoop for perfect portions. After adding some water and a few seconds of frothing to each drink, your giftee will be sippin’ on a creamy coffee full of adaptogens and mushrooms that balance stress, energy, and mood.

An electric brother, a carved wooden scoop, a yellow bag of Golden SuperLatte, and a blue bag of Sleeptime SuperLatter all sit in a row.

Naked Nutrition

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies 12-Pack $46

Treating yourself is always a tough task. Take it off someone’s plate and do the treating for them. These chocolate chip cookies satisfy the sweet tooth without making anyone succumb to a “cheat day.” With 10 grams of whey protein in each serving, these gluten-free goodies are simply a great snack.

Three beige Naked Cookie wrappers sit on a sawn log, one cookie is revealing itself.


Whether your pals are fitness fanatics or just casual movers, these gifts are great complements to their goals (or might even inspire some new fitness hobbies).


Bala Bangles 1LB $55

Is fitness equipment a taboo gift? Not when it’s the perfect addition to when and how anyone moves their body. Whether your recipient is Billy Blanks himself or just someone who likes taking the occasional stroll, the one-pound Bala Bangles add a touch of resistance to any movement. Wrap ‘em around wrists or ankles and ramp up the sweat factor.

Two creamy yellow Bala Bangles weighted wrist wraps float in the ether.


Woom 1 $199

Searching for the perfect present for those tiny toddlers in your life? Get those babies their first set of wheels with the Woom 1 ultralight balance bike. Be the gateway to cycling for the youths with the gift that teaches them how to steer, balance, and stop before pesky pedals get in the mix. Fit for any kid up to 40 inches tall (roughly 3 or 4 years old), make someone’s Christmas morning with this cute piece of gear.

A royal blue pedal-less Woom bike.


Gallon Jug $30

Everyone who works on their fitness needs the perfect companion to also work on their hydration. Meet the HydroJug. This durable vessel packs a whole gallon of the good stuff (water, duh). It’s shatterproof, BPA-free, boasts a wide mouth, and comes with both a carry loop and integrated handle. If those features weren’t enough to wow you, consider pairing this prezzie with a fun sleeve.

A large matte black HydroJug water bottle.

Impala Skate

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate $160

If you don’t get lost in the soothing design and on-site jams while you shop this online store, make your way to the lineup of Impala inline skates. Invoke some serious nostalgia for your millennial pals or get a new generation into the hobby (and art) of rollerblading with this gift.

These revamped classics come with all the bells and whistles of quality roller skaters—Abec-7 bearings, 84a durometer wheels fit for outdoor cruisin’, durable boot, breathable liner, and rakish good looks.

An old school roller skate that's a soft pastel green with light blue ratchet straps, pink laces, and seafood green wheels.


Chirp Wheel+ 6” Deep Tissue $45

Give your friends and fam the gift of relaxation. This deep tissue wheel is the perfect size to dig into pressure points and bring sweet, sweet relief. Its compact design also makes it perfect for stuffing in backpacks or suitcases so relief doesn’t have to get left behind on vacation.

A textured black foam wheel with a bright blue plastic hub. There's an indent down the middle of the wheel to help support the spine while rolling on it.

Travel + Luggage

Travel gear is always that thing that people put off buying. Typically, people aren’t using their luggage or accessories every day, so it’s tough to justify. These presents are perfect for the person who could use some new baggage.


Tech Kit $69

The perfect gift for the folks on your list who are always on-the-go, the Bellroy Tech Kit is the dopp they never knew they needed. This case stashes everything from Apple Pencils to power banks to cables and more for all your electronics in the most organized way possible. It’s easy to use, folds flat for ultimate visibility, and is water-resistant so there's no stressing spills or splashes.

An unitedtravel bag lays open, exposing a an orange lining and gray pockets holding a mouse, computer charger, and some tech cords.

Baboon to the Moon

Go-bag Small (40L) $199

Baboon to the Moon has picked up quite the following over the past couple years, and there’s no question why. The branding, the bag design, the utility—all of it makes the donner feel cool, and that’s quite the priceless vibe.

The 40L Go-bag is the perfect piece of carry-on luggage for any long-weekend getaway. And in the case you have to check it at the gate on those particularly tiny planes, the weatherproof outer shell ensures the stuff inside won’t get damaged.

A maroon duffel bag is unzipped, showing us a blue silky lining with tigers and bands printed on it.

Topo Designs

Mountain Pack 16L $119

Sometimes your friends or family just want to escape to the great outdoors, and that’s totally cool. Lend them a hand by outfitting them with some of the finest hiking packs out there. This Mountain Pack has classic Topo stylings plus a waist strap, laptop sleeve, oversized water bottle pockets, hydration port and tube access, and more. It’s the perfect size for a day hike or the daily commute.

A smaller nylon backpack with a buckle strap enclosure and rust-colored fabric.


The Essential Travel Bottle $18

Your worldly pals are probably tired of oopy, goopy, travel canisters that simply don’t work. It’s the worst feeling when a travel shampoo bottle gets bumped open in transit and there’s a slimy mess waiting for you. Help everyone on your list avoid that fate with The Original Ries travel bottles.

Perfect for soaps, shampoos, gels, and creams, these silicone-free bottles are TSA-compliant and leak-tight. Pick from pre-labeled options or buy them blank for your recipient to decide what goes inside.

Two forest green bottles with pumps are perfect for travel.


VIP Med Crossbody Clutch $325

Get luxurious with your gift-giving this year and pick up this handsome zippered leather crossbody clutch from Hammitt. Buttery black leather, brushed gold rivets, playful peek of red—it’s classy, it’s quality, and it’s a gift that’ll truly stand the test of time.

The outer pocket means cellphones are always accessible, while the red suede lining is ready to cradle wallets, glasses, and beyond. This clutch is one of Hammitt’s all-time best-sellers, so whoever gets this is going to be in good company and known for great taste.

A smaller black leather handbag with a thin leather strap, red and gold zipper pocket on the front, and gold studs along the edges.

Food + Drinks

Trends come and go, but food stays forever. If you’re having trouble shopping for some particular people on your list, you can never go wrong with delicious essentials like coffee, chocolate, and that pantry staple olive oil.


El Sol House Blend Coffee $19

Devoción is an entire coffee experience. It’s the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee just 10 days after leaving its origin, and your giftees will notice the difference. The El Sol blend comes from Colombia and packs notes of peach, caramel, and cinnamon.

Pick from 12 different grinds, or send it as a gift through Zest and let your recipient pick which grind is best for their setup.

A gold-colored coffee bag holding Devotion coffee beans.

Vosges Haut Chocolat

Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection $50

Can you give heaven as a gift? Yeah, you can actually give away 16 pieces of heaven in a box when you gift Vosges Haut Chocolat this holiday season. This 45% cacao milk chocolate truffle variety creates a “taste experience of more intense and complex flavors.” Flavors include dulce de leche, gold leaf praline, and more that toe the line between exotic and classic to appeal to pretty much anyone on your list.

A bright purple box with bow holding 16 milk chocolate truffles with different toppings sprinkled on top of each.


The Duo $74

This is some of the best olive oil on earth—both by taste and by looks. These thoughtfully designed bottles are countertop-worthy, which is OK because your recipient is probably going to find a use for them every darn day. The Duo is a best-selling pair complete with an Awake oil and an Alive oil.

The Awake variety is a bold and robust oil ideal for soups, stews, and sauteing, while the Alive oil is smooth, grassy, and perfect for salads, baked goods, and fresh greens. Gifting both of ‘em ensures your giftee is gonna be happy no matter what they put oil on in their life.

Two white glass bottles with Brightland labels showing geometric shapes of primary colors.


Macadamia Latte 12-Pack $59

Ignore everything except for this line from Taika’s own description of this product: “This latte tastes like coffee ice cream but with zero sugar.” Who wouldn’t love a 12-pack of this delicious morning pick-me-up? Each can packs 120mg of caffeine, and this flavor’s crafted with some house-made macadamia milk.

On top of those coffee basics, Taika goes on to include other good stuff like theanine for focus, reishi for immunity, ashwagandha for calm, and more. Help your recipients discover a new kind of coffee to keep them wide awake and feeling better than ever.

A can of Taika's macadamia latte levitates and pours into a clear glass with ice.

True Scoops

DIY Ice Cream Kit $30

Everyone loves ice cream, but it’s a really challenging gift. Shipping cold pints is expensive and you’re never quite sure if your recipient is going to get a frosty treat or a melted mess. True Scoops solves this dilemma and makes ice cream the perfect gift and a memorable experience.

The DIY ice cream kit comes with one packet of ice cream mix, two toppings, and two gold spoons to nom with. Pick the options your recipient would love, and give them power to make this yummy treat whenever they want it (and think of your kindness with every bite).

An open package shows us a pink True Scoops bag of strawberry ice cream mix, a brown bag of fudge sauce mix, a jar of sprinkles, and two brass spoons.

Diaspora Co.

Masala Trio $42.50

Before we dive into the Masala Trio, let’s get knee-deep in their values. With a dream to create a truly equitable spice trade, Diaspora Co. sources 30 single-origin spices from 150 farms across India and Sri Lanka, pays farmers six times more than the commodity price, doles out living wages, and invests in land stewardship to aid climate resilience and more delicious food systems. If this brand wasn’t on your “to get” list yet, let’s change that today.

Start by picking up the Masala Trio for someone on your list. These masalas (or spice blends) are freshly blended, ready-to-use, and about to rise to the top of the spice rack. This trio includes sweet and spicy chai masala, haldi doodh masala for turmeric milk, and perfectly blended tandoori masala for marinades, rubs, meats, and veggies. TL;DR: YUM.

Three brightly colored spice jars sit on top of a bright magenta pink box that says "Say Hello to Big Flavor."


Ruby Sparkler 6-Pack $35

This carbonated counterpart to Kally is equally delicious and non-alcoholic. Get everyone on the seltzer train perfect for bringing to parties or sipping while cozied up at home. The Ruby Sparkler is a refreshing drink that tastes like jammy cherries and tart cranberries—seems like a perfect companion for some serious holiday baking.

The site says this flavor is perfectly paired with hot dogs on the grill, so you just know it’s a crowd-pleaser. Go ahead and gift with confidence when you snap up a six-pack.

A fancy cocktail table setting with a crimson-colored wine bottle of Lili Ruby Sparkler surrounded y some fancy cocktail glasses filled with the sparkler.


Jasmine Spice Can 6-Pack $35

You and your crew feeling sober-curious? The non-alcoholic beverage industry has blasted off in recent history, and there are now a lot of options when it comes to sipping a drink without getting buzzed. This Jasmine Spice blend by Kally is a primo choice for game nights, date nights, and any night. Perfect for the holiday season, Jasmine Spice brings exotic floral notes of “jasmine along with ginger, cardamom and a collection of warm spices to create an irresistible pairing.”

A warm scene with lit candles, a burnt orange backdrop, and a can of Jasmine Spice Kally to the left of a fully sealed bottle.


Ghianduja 2-Pack $32

Ghia is another up-and-coming non-alcoholic aperitif business that’s set on taking the world back from alcohol. The goal is to keep people calm and connected, enjoying the moment instead of forgetting what happened the next day. While we love Ghia for its cornerstone product, this ghianduja will surprise and delight any recipient.

Perfect for foodies and casual snackers alike, ghianduja (ghee-yawn-doo-yah) is a rich hazelnut spread ready for slathering across pancakes, crepes, and basically any other carb you can imagine.

Someone holding a spoonful of Ghia Ghianduja and letting it run into an open jar.

Wildwood Chocolate

The Whole Shabang $129

We couldn’t pick just one Wildwood goody to gift this year, so it’s great that they thought ahead for moments like this and offer all the bars in one go. These chocolate bars are just as delicious as they look (which is pretty dang great), which is no surprise because each bar is handcrafted with thoughtful intention and care.

Wildwood has a fat stack of awards and accolades like “Best Chocolate in America.” The Whole Shabang includes flavors like Salted Brown Butter Texas Pecan Brittle, Berry Berry, Salted Caramel, and Ginger Pistachio. The flavors are top-notch, and you’ll be wishing someone grabs this gift for you this year.CandyCne

Eleven full-sized Wildwood Chocolate bars lay staggered on a plank of live-edge wood.

The Spice House

Kitchen Starter Collection $62

Having quality spices feels like Peak Adulting. Having quality spices that look good? Well, that’s just the cherry on top. Outfit some spice racks this year with some essentials that people will proudly display. Complete with eight jars including Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Greek Oregano, Tellicherry Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher’s Rub, French Style Thyme, and Granulated White Onion, you can deliver anyone to Flavor Town this Christmas.

An open sage green Spice House gift box exposing eight jars of spices.

Hobbies + Experiences

Shopping for folks who seem to already have everything? Introduce them to a new hobby and give them the gift of learning something new. These experiences are memorable long after the holidays have passed.

Ordinary Habit

“How I Will Spend the Summer” Puzzle $48

Puzzles might have seemed like a fast craze to while away the hours at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but it turns out that they’re here to stay. And with puzzles this gorgeous and pulling double-duty as wall art, why wouldn’t they?

This 1000-piece scene by artist Maggie Stephenson is going to challenge your recipient mentally and stun them visually. It’s a bright, cheerful puzzle that is worthy of framing when complete or can be socked away in its complimentary drawstring cloth bag for another rainy day.

A packaged puzzle box that's yellow and displaying the finished puzzle art.

Wool and the Gang

Hygge Needlepoint Kit $30

It’s just about high season for hygge, and this needlepoint kit couldn’t come at a  better time. Hygge means a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable, and that’s exactly what this gift can deliver.

Imagine cozied up on the couch, logs glowing in the fireplace, a three-wick Winter Candy Apple burning in the distance, and a needlepoint in your lap. You can make that scene a reality with this beginner-level, pre-printed kit that comes with everything someone needs to get it done. It’s a memorable experience and a shot to learn a new skill all in one.

A white ceramic vase and a white seashell sit on a table to the left of a creamy blue and white finished needlepoint project.


Filament Lamp Kit $95

Maybe you have a bunch of future lamp-builders itching for a gift this year. Or maybe you just have lots of creative, artsy folks hankering to try something new. Whatever the case, this lamp kit by Sculpd comes with everything one needs to sculpt a lamp plus two or three more pots and vases.

This kit comes with 2kg (roughly 4.5 pounds) of air-dry clay, pottery tools, sponge, white paint, varnish, paint brushes, a pottery guide, and all the bits to make it a lamp. Without a prescribed pattern or form, this project lets anyone get as creative as possible (without needing to know a lick of electrical stuff). Whoever gets this gift will think of you every time they turn it on. Or off. Or when the cat knocks it off the table.

A clay sculptedcat lamp sits to the left of the Sculpd cylindrical packaging.

Modern Macramé

Macramé Rainbow Kit $25

Macramé dates back to 13th-century Arabic decorative weavers and has since seen surges in popularity. As they say, everything old is new again, and macramé is trendy as heck. There’s no need to give this to an old pro, though. This kit is rated for beginners and comes with 10 feet of cotton cord, five colors of silk sari ribbon, a sewing needle, thread, and the instructions. And when it’s done? Well, that’s called art.

A macrame rainbow sits in a box with balls of twine a rope used to create it.


Nothing beats the feeling of cracking open a new planner or flipping to “January” on a fresh calendar.

Aya Paper Co.

2023 Affirmation Calendar $26

Looking to transcend boring, old stationery? Aya Paper Co. was founded by SaVonne Anderson and “prioritizes creating high-quality, sustainable products that represent the diverse Black experience.” These gorgeous cards, candles, and prints run the gamut from joyful to peaceful, so what’s not to admire?

Send friends and family into the new year on the right foot with the positive affirmations calendar. This 6-by-9-inch desktop calendar comes with an easel to prop it up and bring delight all day. Each month represents a new affirmation to help people stay inspired and feel good all year long.

A spiral-bound desk calendar showing the month of April.


Colorblock Cap Pen Set $38

With all these planners, notebooks, and calendars, you’re going to need a pen to boot. This set of four colorblock pens from Poketo are as satisfying to use as they are to look at. Click the cap on this two-toned metal pen and get a load of the glistening gold accents every time you go to jot down a note or idea. The flow of smooth German black gel ink may even be enough to inspire recipients to ditch the text messaging and start writing letters by hand.  

Four colorful metal pens stand upright against a pink backdrop.

Field Notes

National Parks Box Set $85

Field Notes is a brand inspired by the promotional memo books distributed to American farmers throughout the past century or so. Oddly enough, those mostly forgotten relics typically found in antique stores and grandpa’s junk drawers have spurred this store to gain quite the following. Even just browsing the products page is a visual treat.

Amidst the steno pads, pencils, and notebooks, you should stumble across the National Parks series of notebooks. This complete box set comes with 18, 3.5-inch by 5.5-inch 48-page notepads and two “Official National Park Exploration Vehicle” water-transfer decals. Each notebook has rounded corners and graph grid paper, and 5% of each purchase is donated to the National Park Service.

An open graph paper notebook lays open on top of three closed notebooks.

Omoi Zakka

My Diary Rabbit Weekly Vertical Planner $26

Have you ever seen a planner so cute you could cry? We hadn’t either until we laid eyes on this precious planner donning a bunning and carrot on the cover. This A5 weekly planner runs from October ‘22 through January ‘24 with a 2-year calendar-at-a-glance.

It shows the moon phases for all your space-obsessed pals, and has a reusable wipe-clean vinyl cover with three slip pockets, pen holder, vinyl bookmark flap, and two bookmark ribbons. Weekly views, monthly views, memo pages, and an address book round out the most stinkin’ cute planner any side of the Mississippi.

A cute white bunny holding a carrot adorns a tan-colored weekly planner.

Plants + Flowers

Vibrant flowers and lush plants add life to any space. Plus, you can never have enough of either.

POMP Flowers

Candy Cane Bouquet $92

Bring brightness into any home with the festive Candy Cane bouquet. Stuffed with a a full spectrum of pink roses, this’ll turn heads and drop jaws. POMP is a flower company unlike any other. Each bloom comes from three family farms thoughtfully located near the equator for the right amount of southern sun.

POMP pores over the details, hand-picking only the finest flowers to put into each arrangement. The Blissful bouquet is a thoughtful gift that’s guaranteed to be loved.

Red and white "candy cane" roses in a white vase.

The Sill

Small Parlor Palm in Upcycled Pot $72

This pet-friendly Parlor Palm instantly adds a tropical vibe to any room, even if your gift recipient lives amidst the land of frozen tundras and polar vortexes. It’s easy to care for and purifies the air, all while looking lovely in its upcycled pot. The small palm measures between 8 and 15 inches when delivered, but with some nurturing and plant-talk, this new friend could grow to be big and tall.

A small green palm planted in a royal blue plastic pot.


Iridescent Potting Mat $35

PlantyQueens was founded by two best gal pals in August 2020, and while their store doles plenty of rare and fun planty friends, this gift is a handy tool to help anyone’s green thumb dreams come true.

This iridescent potting mat makes it easy for people to pot and replant all their leafy babes without making a dirty mess around their apartment. The regular size is 25-by-30 inches and has stainless steel buttons to snap the walls in place.

A shiny iridescent mat is containing some plants being repotted.


Pets are family. And if the folks you know don’t have a pet, we think these gifts are so cute, they may just be inspired to go adopt one.

Fable Pets

Magic Link Leash $65

Leash evolution has reached a new apex with Fable Pets’ Magic Link. Able to withstand up to 350 pounds of pull force from Fido, this stylish leash lets pet-lovers walk their furbaby hands-free. People can wear it as a belt, bandolier, or classic wrist strap, while the pooch end can attach to a regular collar or harness or slip on in a few special Magic Link ways.

A sky blue leash curled up with black clasps.

Dog & Co.

The SNUGGIT Plus+ Crossbody Dog Sling $125

We all know someone who needs to keep their dog at their side 24/7. With the SNUGGIT Plus+ sling, they can do just that. This small sling can tuck away up to 25 pounds of pup and is designed for long, tall, and rounder doggos. These are handmade from locally sourced, cruelty-free materials that will bring people closer to their pets.

Two small doggies are huddled together in a sling-style dog carrier

Little Beast

Mary Jane Fleece Onesie $50

Even if your recipient doesn’t have a dog, we still recommend sending them this as a leading reason for why they need to get one ASAP. This tiny fleece onesie is perfect for keeping our favorite furbabies warm and cozy on the coldest, snowiest days.

The onesie comes in five joyful colors and eight different sizes so no pup is left in the cold. The only downside is that we wish people could squeeze into them, too.

A black-and-tan dachshund wears a very fuzzy body suit with a turtle neck.

Tuft & Paw

Cloud Nine Window Hammock $79

Of course you have some Cat People on your holiday shopping list, so this prezzie is purrfect for them. The Cloud Nine hammock is as well-designed a cat perch as it is wall art, in a way. Its appealing arch and minimal design can support up to 30 pounds of poofball and attaches to any glass surface. This hammock is perfect for perching, preying, or playing (or, let’s be real, sleeping for 19 hours) and comes with a heather gray felt hammock or add the optional floof blanket for extra coziness.

A gray kitty slumbers in an artful hanging cat bed.

Gift Boxes

Curated gift boxes are becoming more and more popular. They follow themes, expose folks to new products, and generally feature local goods or support small businesses. Plus, when you give a gift box, it;s a total present in one package for minimal work on your part.


Perfect Pick Me Up Gift Box $60

There’s no finer time than winter to send your list the perfect pick-me-up. Help people combat the seasonal blues and feel their best with this Vitamin C-packed gift box. This ready-to-send gift comes with healthy peaches, nectarines, citrus hand sanitizer, Vitamin C soap and hand cream, and more. These sets are lovingly packaged in protective crinkle paper before a gift note and satin ribbon top it off.

A gift box outfitted with vitamin C supplements and treats.

Mindful Gift Company

Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Set $72

Good sleep is vital to a lot of other good stuff, like good health, good mornings, and good dreams. Despite all of its inherent goodness, a good night’s rest is one of the first things to land on the chopping block in the hustle of everyday life. This season, give your friends or family something they rarely treat themselves to—a rock-solid snoozefest. This aromatherapy gift set will help even night owls drift off with calming mist, a lavender eye pillow, a trio of calming mists, and a relaxing candle poured with pure lavender essential oils.

A gift box full of sleep aids like lavender eye pillow, essentials oils, and a candle.


Santa’s Pick Gift Set $225

It seems like everyone is obsessed with pickleball these days, which means the odds are good that someone on your holiday shopping list has taken up this new sport. Encourage their latest hobby with a gift set stocked with the Nettie Pickleball Bainbridge Set and a slew of snacks fit for the mightiest athletes around.

A bright red and blue Pickleball-themed gift box with paddles, sweatbands, and whiffle balls.

Tasty Ribbon

Italian Essentials Gift Box $115

This gift box is like a wormhole. We heard that anyone who unwraps this gift set this holiday season gets sucked through the box and spit out in sunny Italy. Er, it should feel like that, at least. Pasta, pesto, tomato sauce, cookies, and chocolate, this gift covers the spectrum of sweet to savory in the most wonderful way.

An Italian food-themed gift box with pastas, pesto and sweet Italian treats.

Tohfa Box

Chai Curated Box $60

Winter can get pretty cold, but nothing warms us up quite like a cup of chai. This curated gift box is the perfect winter warmer for all your frosty friends. Chai herbal tea, dark chocolate-dipped orange slices, chai concentrate, and a wanderlust candle round out this box. Give the gift of cozy mornings no matter what the temperature dips to.

A pleasing gift box with chai tea, chai concentrate, and chocolate-dipped orange slices.

Sundry Treasure

Knick-knacks, tchotchkes, odds and sods, and sundries. These brands have a little bit of everything, so you’re bound to find something for everyone this season.

Karma Kiss

Alpaca Trinket Box $13

Karma Kiss is the gift site that has a li’l bit of something for everyone. You know it’s a brand that has it all when you see this good—the Alpaca Trinket Box. This vibrant ceramic alpaca is also handy as heck. Its cozy interior can tuck away rings, necklaces, gems, and treasures underneath its saddle. Giddy up and stow away inside this friendly alpaca.

A ceramic trinket box shaped like a sitting alpaca.

Swanky Badger

Whiskey Essentials Bundle $90

This engraved whiskey decanter set is the perfect present for any whisky-lover in your life. It comes with four engraved glasses, four handsome coasters, shaker, strainer, and jigger. Each glass can be laser-engraved with an initial for that extra classy touch. You provide the barware, they provide the whiskey, you both have a memorable holiday.

Four engraved whiskey glasses, a cocktail shaker, and black leather coasters.

Good & Well Supply Co.

Early Morning Hike Vintage Canteen Candle $50

Good & Well Supply Co. is a treasure trove for outdoors enthusiasts. Shirts, pins, pillows, and patches all remind folks to get outside and romp around. This canteen canteen, though, takes the cake for multipurpose functionality and vintage inspiration. The Early Morning Hike candle smells of sweet orange, citrus, clove, and spice, all waiting to be burned in the reusable argyle canteen.

Four vintage-looking plaid metal canteens with candles within.

Upstate Stock

Patch 5-Pack $10

Add the perfect flair to any backpack, jean jacket, hat, or more with this five-pack of 3-by-3 patches. These vintage-inspired beauties are machine-washable and have iron-adhesive backing.

Five fun embroidered patches that say state Stock and accompanying outdoor scenes like a fish, oars, a floating duck, and campfires.

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