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Zest Partners With UNTUCKit for Uncompromising Gifting Experience

March 16, 2023
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Zest, a first-of-its-kind gifting platform bringing ecommerce brands the tools they need to update and elevate the gift-giving customer experience, announces its partnership with apparel disruptor UNTUCKit. Known for shaking up button-downs, UNTUCKit was born when it brought shirts designed to be worn untucked to market.

Since 2011, UNTUCKit has expanded from selling directly to consumers online to opening more than 80 brick-and-mortar stores around the world. Finding success in the world of fashion can be grueling, but this is one brand that’s been able to find its footing and stand apart for a few key reasons, such as undying commitment to:

  • underscoring its ethos that customers shouldn’t have to compromise.
  • leaning into its defining differentiation in an increasingly crowded industry.
  • providing an elevated experience whether shopping in person or online.

By stripping out the noise and focusing on its core tenets, UNTUCKit has been resonating with brand fans for more than a decade. Zest is excited to continue to build on this legacy of loyalty-building traits with its online gifting experience.

Zest’s frictionless gifting platform gives UNTUCKit shoppers a way to send highly desirable goods as gifts in just a couple clicks. While gifting options like digital and physical gift cards are still available, Zest provides a path to gifting UNTUCKit products in a way that’s more thoughtful and memorable for both gifter and recipient.

Many UNTUCKit product pages show a slick “Send as a Gift” button that sends shoppers into a dedicated gifting journey. This placement puts gifting top of mind for shoppers and puts more products in the context of being a great gift.

In contrast to gift cards with limited capabilities, Zest gifting lets shoppers choose a greeting card design, write a meaningful message, and digitally deliver the gift via text or email. It’s a personal touch point that appeals to people who want to easily send a gift online without compromising thoughtfulness and personalization. “It’s an exciting gifting tool that helps our entire gifting experience,” says Napon Pintong, senior manager of ecommerce at UNTUCKit. “Our customers are actually preferring this gifting method versus digital gift cards."

A quote callout by Napon of UNTUCKit, "It's an exciting gifting tool that helps our entire gifting experience."

In this partnership’s inaugural 2022 holiday season, it became clear that UNTUCKit’s audience had been craving this better gifting experience. The apparel giant saw average gift order values increase 3% as gifters were eager to spend a bit more on something thoughtful than they would have spent on a preset gift card value.

The most telling result, however, is that while UNTUCKit gift card sales dropped 16%, total gift purchases increased 10% YoY. When empowered with Zest’s new gift-giving option, shoppers showed they preferred more personal methods versus another forgettable gift card. Plus, with more data surrounding which products are being gifted, who is gifting, and who is receiving, UNTUCKit is building a deeper understanding around this once-foggy channel so it can optimize and continue to pull on it as a major lever for growth.

Read more about Zest’s impact in this case study.

Zest is empowering ecommerce brands with gifting tools that haven’t been available before. It’s giving DTC merchants the ability to offer better experiences that expand the gifting channel, earn long-term loyalty, reach new audiences, and help them differentiate in a crowded ecommerce world.

It’s a customer experience as elevated as UNTUCKit’s catalog, and aligns with a core value that customers simply shouldn’t have to compromise anything to get exactly what they want.

In a time when people are making more and more decisions based on the shopping experience itself over price and other factors, it’s no wonder that UNTUCKit has continued to thrive. We’re honored that such an experience-based brand chose Zest as its gifting partner to ensure every part of the customer journey is a memorable one.
— Alex Ingram, Co-founder at Zest
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